September 2013 Sponsor eNews - Compassion International

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September 2013 Sponsor eNews


Caught Between Two Worlds

The Maasai, a group steeped in rich culture, struggle to find a place for education among tradition. Watch as Odupoi finds his way between herding his family’s livestock and creating a different future for himself.


A Divine Appointment

An expectant mother near death makes a chance visit to a Child Survival Program registration — and her life is saved in the process. Comfort’s story is one of answered prayers — before she even knew she needed to pray them.


Finding Forgiveness

When his brother is shot and killed, Maycol seeks vengeance. But Maycol is able to find both forgiveness and a path out of poverty through the support of his sponsor and the Leadership Development Program.


Saving Vita

When Vita is diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, her family will do whatever they can to save their little girl. Follow Vita and her family as they navigate through health scares with the support of Compassion’s Medical Fund..


It Works: Leslie's Story

Leslie has dreamed of being a dentist for 11 years. See Leslie transform from an 8yearold little girl to a 19yearold young woman, working hard to make her dreams come true.