Compassion International Expert Resources

Expert Resources

Compassion International is a poverty-fighting ministry that directly impacts 1.4 million babies, children and young adults in 26 countries around the world. Our organization’s leaders are experts on a broad range of poverty-related topics, including:

  • Global Poverty
  • Infant Survival
  • Malaria
  • Clean Water
  • Disaster Relief
  • Food Insecurity
  • Education
  • Highly Vulnerable Children

The experts listed below are available for media interviews and public speaking engagements. To check the availability of a speaker, please contact Tim Glenn.

Wess Stafford

Expertise: Compassion’s Ministry, Global Poverty, Holistic Child Development, Leadership, Wydick Research

Wess Stafford is the President Emeritus of Compassion International and a passionate, global advocate for children in poverty. Wess authored Too Small to Ignore and Just a Minute and holds a PhD in education.

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Mark Hanlon

Expertise: Compassion’s Ministry, Non-Profit Ministry-Business Relationships, Global Poverty

Mark Hanlon is the Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Engagement and serves on the global executive leadership team. His 30-year plus history with the organization is grounded in his belief that it takes a whole-child approach to fight poverty.

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Ed Anderson

Expertise: Charitable Giving Trends, Ethics, Integrity in Fundraising & Ministry

Ed Anderson serves as the Senior Vice President of Global Support Services and CFO for Compassion International. He believes Compassion has a responsibility to set the standard for financial integrity in the nonprofit world.

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Bob Cleary

Expertise: Compassion’s Ministry, Child Sponsorship, Leadership Development

Bob Cleary is the Product Marketing Director at Compassion International and is responsible for developing global product management strategies to enable the continued growth and quality of core programming, as well as the assurance of sponsor outcomes.

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Edouard Lassegue

Expertise: Holistic Child Development, Church Partnerships, Cross-Cultural Ministry

Edouard Lassegue has served in ministry with Compassion for over 20 years. As Vice President of the Latin American Region, he remains inspired by how ministry with children can revitalize the church, even in areas of great conflict.

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Silas Balraj

Expertise: Holistic Child Development, Church Partnerships, Asia, Poverty, Global Operations for Nonprofits, Board Governance, Leadership and Culture

Compassion International ministers to approximately 74,000 children in Silas’ home country of India, where he grew up a child of Christian missionary parents. As Compassion’s Vice President of the Asia Region, Silas is grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of Asia’s most vulnerable children through its local churches.

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Sidney Muisyo

Expertise: Issues in Africa including Poverty, Violence, Socio-politics, Child Development, Education, Child Labor, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Leadership, Culture and the Church

Sidney Muisyo is Compassion International’s Regional Vice President for Africa, covering a territory that spans 8 countries. The work of Sidney and his staff impacts the lives of over 446,000 African children and more than 1,800 community churches.

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Jerry Henderson

Expertise: Church Engagement, US Church Trends, Corporate Philanthropy Trends, Advocates and Volunteer Networks

Jerry Henderson is the National Emerging Markets Director at Compassion International and believes the church is the greatest, most vital grassroots organization in the world.

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Naomi Overton

Expertise: Global Advocacy, Women’s Influence, Child Survival, Holistic Child Development

Naomi Cramer Overton is Compassion International’s USA Advocacy Director. Her personal and professional mission is to encourage people toward wholeness in Christ so His love may radically bless generations.

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Dr. Scott Todd

Expertise: Child Survival, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Global Poverty, Global Partner Alliance, Wydick Research

Dr. Scott Todd serves Compassion International as Senior Vice President of Global Advocacy and is a renowned Advocate for eradicating extreme global poverty within this generation’s lifetime.

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Tim Glenn

Expertise: Disaster Relief, Global Poverty, The Wydick Research

Tim Glenn serves as Compassion International’s US Communications Director and has a very personal, powerful perspective on the value of releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name by meeting their physical and emotional needs.

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U.S. Media Contacts
Tim Glenn

(719) 272-5377

Becca Bishop

(719) 272-5109

For all non-media related inquiries, please call (800) 336-7676, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. MT.