Bambang Budijanto

Bambang Budijanto

Bambang Budijanto
Bambang Budijanto

Expertise: Holistic Child Development, Leadership Development, Community Development, Church and Society, Inter-faith Dialogue (Islam)

Over the course of his tenure, Dr. Budijanto has witnessed the impact indigenous churches have on their surrounding communities by serving children and their families through Compassion’s holistic child development model. One of the aspects of this model Dr. Budijanto is most passionate about is Compassion’s Leadership Development Program, which identifies promising students and gives them the opportunity to become leaders in their communities through university-level education and intensive Christian leadership training.

When asked why he thinks Compassion’s work is effective, Dr. Budijanto answers, "First, God’s blessings on this ministry; second, Compassion’s partnership with local churches. But, I also think Compassion is effective—from an organizational perspective—because we do a good job of facilitating learning opportunities for our staff and volunteers around the world. Compassion is a place of innovation and continuous improvement."

Prior to his current role, Dr. Budijanto served as Compassion’s Country Director for Indonesia, and he was the Area Director for Asia. This combination of experience at the country and regional levels has equipped him with a solid background and very personal perspective on both Compassion’s holistic child development model and community development.

Personal History: Before joining Compassion, Dr. Budijanto held a variety of roles, including pastor of a local church in Indonesia and lecturer for graduate-level development studies at a Christian university. He was the founder and executive director of the PESAT Foundation in Indonesia from 1986 to 1997, and from 1999-2000, he was the Honorary Director for the Consortium of Theological Seminaries in partnership with Fuller Seminary.

He received his Ph.D. in development studies from the University of Wales and the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies in 1997.

One of Dr. Budijanto’s favorite hobbies is deep-sea fishing.

Indonesian, Javanese and English

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