Ways to Get Involved

Ways to Get Involved

It's not enough to just know a lot about poverty. As God's family, we are called to do something about it.

Here are a whole bunch of practical ways that you can make a difference for children in poverty around the world. So what are you waiting for?

Get Involved Individually

E-mail messages, educational tools and lots of other ways for you to get involved in speaking up for those in need

Get Involved at Home

Family night ideas, children's activities and devotional tools to equip your whole family in the fight for children in poverty.

Get Involved Globally

Join an overseas trip, learn about other ministries who work with Compassion, and share your heart for children in need.

Get Involved On Your Campus

Posters, brochures and lots of other ideas to get your friends and classmates on fire for children in poverty.

Get Involved in your Church

Bulletin announcements, sermon outlines and other ways get your church involved in ministry to children in poverty.

Get Involved In Your Community

Letters to the editor, prayer group ideas and many other resources to help you speak up in your own community.