Naomi Cramer Overton

Naomi Cramer Overton

As Compassion’s USA Advocacy Director, Naomi Cramer Overton effectively communicates how Christians, especially teens and young adults, can experience the joy of reaching out to those in need both at home and abroad.

Naomi Cramer Overton

Naomi Cramer Overton grew up near the U.S./Mexico border and made frequent trips with her parents to bring supplies to Tijuana orphanages. Today, Naomi is passionate about journeying alongside Christians — especially millennials — to inspire a deeper connection with Christ and God’s children in need.

“We are all God’s kids,” says Naomi. “We can all get beyond ourselves and live influentially to help others, both at home and abroad.

“When I first saw Compassion’s program implemented in the field in 2009, I instantly thought of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs,” Naomi continues. “Compassion does holistic ministry, and I knew I wanted to be part of that strategy.”

Naomi joined Compassion International in 2010 as the Product Strategy Director for the Child Survival Program and Critical Interventions. In 2012, Naomi accepted her current role as USA Advocacy Director.

Prior to joining Compassion, Naomi served as President and CEO of MOPS International. She has worked as a management consultant to Fortune 500 companies, including Apple Computer, Hewlett-Packard Company and Ken Blanchard Consulting. She has worked as a news reporter for NBC Network News and affiliates of ABC and CBS in San Diego and near Sacramento. Naomi served as a delegate at the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization in 2010 and serves on the North American 4-14 Movement Steering Team.

Stanford University – B.A. in political science with an emphasis in communications
Anderson School of Management at UCLA – MBA in organizational entrepreneurship and marketing, Dean’s List
Fuller Theological Seminary – M.A. in global leadership, doctorate in missiology focusing on children at risk – completion slated for 2018

Speaker Topics
Beyond Trafficking: Why Prevention Comes First

We all know the urgency: to rally behind those who go undercover to rescue innocent children from harm’s way. Our mind’s eye can see holding a child by the arm and guiding her to a safe haven. God did make us to rescue the oppressed, but, if that’s our only response, we are inviting millions more children to fall prey to an often-irreversible horror.

Naomi unpacks why prevention must be our first priority when facing modern-day slavery, underlining that ultimately the problem is too big and the stories too awful, and that prevention works.

This talk springboards from a case study of two organizations (International Justice Mission and Compassion International) who are working together to protect vulnerable children in Thailand. You will leave with a list of eight research-based actions that write a different story for millions of children not yet enslaved.

“Mo-ommm, Why Can’t I Have a…?” Practical Steps to Being a Family of Purpose

We want to raise great kids and make an eternal difference, even while we’re in the busy parenting years. But between diapers, carpools, unexpected sniffles and mountains of laundry, how do we even begin to think about the world beyond our doors?

And why should we? Is there anything special about serving as a family that merits us adding it to the bedtime prayers, Sunday school and kids’ and youth ministries we already emphasize for our children?

Willow Creek Association’s MOVE study of 250,000 Christians revealed, “The act of serving, either within a church ministry or serving those in need, has the greatest impact on spiritual growth.” Naomi shares why, and practically how, the families you influence — in your home, congregation and community — can grow toward Christ through simple service that fits with your family’s everyday life.