Materials are available for download to help share Compassion's mission of releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name.
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Compassion Magazine Compassion Magazine takes you deeper into the world of children living in poverty with powerful ways to connect, including stories, photos and videos.

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Download Brochures
Brochures Download and print these full-color brochures. Hand them out wherever you want to share your child advocacy message with others.

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Bulletin Announcements
Bulletin Announcements Include these short but powerful messages in your church bulletin and help educate your congregation about the needs of children in poverty.

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Desktop Wallpaper
Desktop Wallpaper Download this wallpaper for your desktop computer to let your co-workers know how passionate you are about children in poverty. Choose from a variety of captivating photographs.

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E-Mail Messages
E-Mail Messages E-mail your family, friends, coworkers or professors to help them understand your passion for speaking up for children in poverty. Copy. Paste. Edit. Send.

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Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor Write a letter to your local newspaper and let your community know how you feel about children in poverty. Copy. Paste. Edit. Submit.

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Letter to Your Pastor
Letter to Your Pastor Let your pastor know how passionate you are about speaking up for children in poverty. Cut and paste this letter into an e-mail. Feel free to edit or personalize it, but let your church leadership know how you feel.

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Newsletter Article
Newsletter Article Submit an article about children in poverty to your church's or organization's newsletter. Copy and paste this text and edit it to fit your format. Just get the word out.

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Free Posters
Free Posters Print these posters and hang them around your campus, in your office, or at your local coffee shop to help others catch the vision of child advocacy. Choose from a variety of powerful messages.

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Sermon Outlines
Sermon Outlines Download these sermon outlines to help you share with your congregation or youth group God's heart for children in poverty in a powerful and effective way.

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