Get Involved in Your Church

Start a Prayer Group
Motivate members of your church to come together and pray for children in poverty. You can also pray for Compassion's countries in crisis.

Encourage your pastor to take on the cause of children
Get statistics, download sermon outlines, or a share a video.

Host a Compassion Sunday
Educate your church members about the cause of the poor and give them the opportunity to change the life of a child in poverty by hosting a Compassion Sunday at your church.

Start a cause-oriented small group
Start a small group that focuses on the needs of children in poverty. Read Too Small to Ignore and its corresponding study guide. Learn more about AIDS and what you can do to fight the pandemic.

Get your youth involved
Host a cultural night or a participate in the $2 Dinner Challenge.

Connect your youth with a youth group at an urban church for a week of relational service to their city.

Tour Compassion
Bring your youth group or Bible study group to visit our Global Ministry Center in Colorado Springs and learn how our approach to long-term child development battles poverty.

Bring in a speaker
Choose from our list of dynamic speakers passionate about children in poverty and book them to speak on your campus.

Get free stuff
Download all sorts of resources to help you in your child advocacy ministry.

Compassion's online store and get clothes, music and other items that help spread the message.