Get Involved In Your Community

Get Involved In Your Community

Start a community prayer group

Motivate people in your community to come together and pray for children in poverty. You can also pray for Compassion's countries in crisis.

Get your local Christian radio station involved
Contact your local radio station and ask them to air Compassion radio programs to help educate listeners about children in poverty.

Write a letter to the editor of your local paper
Make your voice heard in your local newspaper and educate your community about the needs of children in poverty.

Serve a city
Connect a youth group in your city with a youth group at an urban church for a week of relational service to their city.

Get free stuff
Download all sorts of resources to help you in your child advocacy ministry.

Seasonal ideas
Get creative advocacy ideas for different holidays throughout the year.

Wear your Compassion
Visit Compassion's online store and get clothes, music and other items that help spread the message.