Emily Sarmiento

Emily Sarmiento

With an advanced degree in international development leadership and 15 years in ministry leadership roles, Emily Sarmiento uses her personal experience to encourage and equip other leaders.

Emily Sarmiento

Prior to joining Compassion International, Emily Sarmiento served in leadership roles in three other international development organizations. She also has experience as a high school instructor and with a community outreach ministry start-up, focusing on underserved populations.

Emily has experienced firsthand the demands placed on Christian leaders that can result in a struggle to maintain a holistic, God-honoring lifestyle. Through the praxis of her various nonprofit leadership roles, as well as graduate studies emphasizing spiritual formation, Emily has grown in her own pursuit of development as a well-rounded Christian leader. And she has a desire to share from her experiences to encourage others in their leadership walk.

Since 2009, Emily has served as Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Program Director, leading a staff of 25 in the facilitation of global child development program design, support of program implementation, and delivery of partner church and child communications.

Emily’s academic background includes dual Bachelor of Science degrees in international management and Spanish, with a graduate certificate for k-12 education, all from Missouri State. She also holds a master’s degree in organizational leadership for international development from Eastern University in Pennsylvania.

Emily and her husband, Diego, live in a rural community near Colorado Springs, Colo.

Speaker Topics
Doing Good Without Coming Undone

You care about others, but who is caring for you? As Christian leaders, we are kept busy living out our calling and putting our gifts to use. Often, we are propelled to go “all in” for the sake of ministry. This often leads to a burnout with a sacrifice of self.

How should Christian leaders view self-stewardship? How should we view our credibility to lead differently from how the world grants credibility and views performance? Through vulnerable stories and biblical insights, Emily encourages every Christian leader to continually pursue wholeness — not just because Christ lived a holistic model, but because stewarding ourselves makes us more effective in our callings. By the end of this talk, you will walk away with a tool that will help you assess your self-stewardship and grow into greater wholeness in your spiritual, intellectual, physical and socio-emotional health.

When Helping Doesn’t Hurt

When Jesus commanded, “Go and make disciples of all nations,” He was emphasizing the importance of equipping others — not doing everything for them.

In today’s globalized and tech-connected era, individuals, families and churches are increasingly engaging in ministry around the world. Yet how can we best approach these opportunities with the confidence that we’re achieving our objectives and also creating a lasting impact? How can we ensure that we are doing more good than harm?

From her experience in international development, Emily shares insights on how every Christian can develop an effective and sustainable ministry. You will walk away with a tool to assess your ministry to make sure you’re achieving the most good as well as a bibliography of resources for further exploration.