Philippines Typhoon

Philippines Typhoon. Every year this tiny island in the Pacific is impacted by a typhoon. Many of the residents are familiar with the devastation these typhoons can bring to their families and prepare months in advance.

The typhoon cycle never ends for the people who live on this island. Year after year they are hit with floods, landslides, and torrential rain.

However, this storm is nothing that anyone could have predicted. Thousands of islanders have lost their lives and many have lost their homes, livelihood and their valuables. This is only the beginning — in the months ahead, they will have to find a way to rebuild their lives and provide food and shelter for their families.

Compassion has staff on the ground assessing the damage and situation and will provide food and shelter for these displaced families now and the difficult months ahead.

Please consider giving to help children and families in their desperate time of need. Your contribution will help families by providing:

  • food and shelter
  • trauma counseling
  • clothing, school supplies, and household items
  • restore income generating supplies
Thank you for rebuilding hope
in the Philippines!

Eight months after Haiyan’s fury, homes are being rebuilt, and order and stability are being restored. See your support in action in this video, and thank you again for caring for Compassion children in the Philippines.

When Typhoon Haiyan swept through the Philippines, it destroyed lives and property on a massive scale. But prayers from caring sponsors and donors poured out for God’s comfort and care for the vulnerable children.

Praise God that in spite of terrible destruction, there was no loss of life among Compassion children.

Generous donors like you quickly sent relief through emergency food, medicine and temporary shelter.

It’s been more than eight months since Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines. Restoration and rebuilding efforts funded by Compassion supporters through local churches are evident everywhere. Hope has taken root.

Thank you for caring for children in the Philippines! Please continue to pray for them and their families as they recover and rebuild from this disaster.

“You have been a refuge for the poor … a shelter from the storm.” — Isaiah 25:4, NIV


“When most relief agencies have already left, when most politicians have stopped giving aid because there's no media attention anymore, that's when we continue to provide because this is now the start of the recovery stage."

- Noel Pabiona, Compassion
Philippines Country Director