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Write to me - For children in poverty a letter from a sponsor is a source of great joy. Most children see letters as gifts from the hearts of their sponsors. They shout with jubilation, "My sponsor wrote to me!"

Sadly, children who don't receive letters from their sponsors question, "Why doesn't my sponsor write to me?" They may feel forgotten or unloved.

Godwin, in Togo, bursts into tears when he talks about not receiving letters from his sponsor. "I don’t know why my sponsor can’t write to me while other children always receive letters. They are happy every Saturday when it is time to answer letters. Me, I am forgotten.

To help your sponsored child grow into a fulfilled Christian adult, it is important to write to her. Your letters will encourage, empower, inspire and ensure that he doesn't ask, "Why doesn't my sponsor write to me?"

Write to Me
Everybody Loves a Letter
Write a Letter Online

You can send a letter right now. Simply log in and use our online letter writing tool to send a personal message to your child. You can choose stationary templates and upload your own personal photos. It is simple, fast and easy — and it will mean the world to your sponsored child.

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write a letter
18 Reasons to Write a Letter Now

From thousands of letters over several years, we compiled this list of 18 motivating and encouraging reasons you should write a letter to your sponsored child now.


Children enjoy receiving letters from their sponsors.
Letter Writing Ideas and Tips

To help get you started, or to keep you motivated and writing regularly, we offer you this page of letter-writing ideas and tips from our staff, other sponsors and even the children themselves. We hope you find the ideas helpful.

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Letter-Writing FAQ

Some of the most frequently asked questions we get about our ministry and programs are about writing letters to our children. All of the common ones are answered here.

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letter-writing prompts
80 Letter-Writing Prompts

Our letter-writing prompts are meant to help you write your next letter. The prompts are questions for you to answer about yourself, but many of them can serve as letter-writing ideas and questions you can ask your sponsored child too.

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the power of words
The Power of Words

Words have power. They can destroy and create. Sometimes a single word can change everything.

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