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For most children living in poverty, special occasions like birthdays and Christmas are just another day of hardship. Gifts are simply out of the question for many poor families. Sending a personal gift “just because” or for a special occasion will mean so much to your sponsored child.

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How It Works

Compassion center staff will work with your child and his or her family to determine the best use for the money and purchase the most appropriate items. Whatever your gift provides, you can be sure that it will be received with gratefulness and thanks.

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Mailing Small Gifts

Small lightweight gifts like pictures, postcards or stickers will be received with such excitement. Before you send your next letter, please review our tip list for adding enclosures to ensure all your special items get to your sponsored child.

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How to Make Your Financial Contributions Go Further
Signing up for autopay is one of the greatest gifts you can give — it helps to reduce administrative costs and allows more money to get to children in need.

It’s simple, fast and you can change it any time. Simply choose the Payment Options from the left-hand list in "My Account," and we will automatically process your contribution each month.

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