Welcome to the Compassion Family!

Welcome to the Compassion Family!

Thank you so much for deciding to sponsor a child!

As a new sponsor, our hope is that this site will help you better understand what sponsorship is all about. We’re excited to partner with you and so grateful for your heart to help a child in need.

Sponsor Impact lois-nangundi-quote

"Compassion has helped me know the love of God, and how the Lord cares about every little thing about me."

Lois Nangundi,
former sponsored child from Uganda

  • Get information about your child
  • Learn about your child's country
  • News and updates
  • Write a letter online
  • A video about letter writing
  • Letter writing tips
  • 52 Ways to Pray for Your Child
  • Unite With Others in Prayer
  • Let Us Pray for You
  • Group Sponsor Tours
  • Individual Visits
  • What You Need to Know
  • Send A Personal Gift
  • How It Works
  • Mailing Small Gifts
  • Christ Centered
  • Church Based
  • Child Focused