Develop Thankful Children Who Care

You want to help children grow as caring, responsible adults who look to the needs of others. And you want them to realize that most people in this world don’t enjoy all of the benefits and blessings they experience.
Develop Thankful Children Who Care

When you select this goal, you can choose from 30 activities designed to help you:

  • Inspire children to grow by tapping into the same Bible-based curriculum that helps more than 1 million children around the world grow holistically; body, mind, soul and spirit.
  • Discover creative ways children can express love for others in their everyday lives

  • Explore how your children can engage with children in faraway countries who need their care and prayers
  • Integrate what you believe and teach children with how they live every day
  • Share what you learn with your friends, family and co-workers so that they, too, can help children care for the needs of others

Your Role As a Child Survival Advocate

      It's heartbreaking to think that 21,000 children under 5 die every day from preventable diseases, most within their first hours or days of life. But here's the good news: you can and are doing something about it.