Musician and Speaker Video

Musician and Speaker Video

Experience Sponsorship in Action With Compassion's Christian Musicians and Speakers 

View a video presentation and see what your favorite Compassion musician or speaker says about Compassion sponsorship. Watch the video and then sponsor a child — it's easy and you can do it right online. Send the video to your friends and family members and encourage them to sponsor as well!

Michael W. Smith Listen to Michael as he shares about the importance of taking time to stop our busy, frantic lives to help a child in need. Not only will it change that child's world, he says, it's guaranteed to change your world for the better, too!


Rebecca St. James Watch the Rebecca St. James video of her trip to Rwanda to visit her sponsored child, Sam.


Geoff Moore Watch the Geoff Moore video of his trip to Rwanda to visit his sponsored child.


Bebo Norman Join Bebo in Africa, just outside the straw-thatched hut of his Compassion-sponsored child, Saake, who lives in Tanzania. Hear Bebo's fresh excitement as he shares his story of meeting Saake and his mother. Listen as Saake's mother tells how Compassion's Christian child sponsorship ministry is giving this desperately poor family a wonderful gift — hope!


Jeremy Camp Meet Jeremy's sponsored child, Lester, who lives in a small home with 20 people in Honduras. As you learn about how difficult life is for impoverished children who live in a developing country, you'll come to understand Jeremy's earnest desire to help improve Lester's desperate living situation through Compassion!


Tony Campolo Join in Tony's excitement as he introduces you to his newest sponsored child, Victoria. Hear why Tony believes American youth desperately need to connect with children in the developing world through Compassion's Christian Child Sponsorship Program!


Phil Keaggy Watch Phil Keaggy and his son Ian as they communicate how they expanded their family through Compassion's Christian child sponsorship ministry.


MercyMe Watch members of the music group MercyMe as they share about their relationships with the children they sponsor through Compassion.  Learn more about sponsoring a child through Compassion's Christian child sponsorship ministry.


The Webbs Through the partnership with the Rick Webb Family and Compassion International, 150,000 children and young adults accepted Christ as their Savior last year!