MOPS Leaders

MOPS Leaders

Are your MOPS moms looking for ways to help their kids see the world through God’s eyes? These fun ideas can help the moms in your group teach their children about God’s bigger world — and about compassionate giving.

Gifts That Change Lives

Compassion’s Gift Catalog is the perfect way for your MOPS group — and your family — to come together to make a difference.

A Fun Family Activity

Creating a family Wish List is a great way to help children develop a heart for those in need. And it takes the stress out of shopping!

Your Next Global Service Project

If you’re looking for new ideas for your next Global Service Project, be sure to check out these exciting ideas.

Compassionate Gift Giving

Find fun, meaningful ways to help your MOPS moms and their families make a difference — all in the name of Jesus.

Making Empanadas

Learn how to make these delicious treats, step by step.


Many moms in Bolivia make their living by creating jewelry. Get ideas for making your own jewelry!

Paper Flowers

If you love arts and crafts, this activity is perfect for you. Have fun!


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