A Fun Family Activity

A Fun Family Activity

Wish-List.jpgThis activity can help teach children about compassionate giving. Plus, it takes the stress out of shopping!

  1. Encourage your MOPS moms to visit compassion.com/MOPSWishlist as a family.
  2. Family members can create a family “Wish List.” Each member can ask for the gift items he or she cares about most. For example, if one of their children likes riding bikes, he or she might want to give a bike to help a child get to school.
  3. Families can then send their Wish List to family and friends via email and social media to ask others to purchase life-changing gifts on the family’s behalf.

Creating a family Wish List is a great way to help children develop a heart for those in need!


Please contact our Advocate Engagement team if you have any questions.