Medical Surgeries for Children in Poverty

Surgeries for children in poverty are needed all over the world. Compassion helps with situations that include surgery, vision and hearing issues, prosthetic limbs, wheelchairs, trauma counseling, special dental needs and funeral expenses. Living in poverty is difficult enough. But families can be devastated when severe conditions like cancer, heart disease or traumatic injury occur and no money is available for treatment.

Fatao Abdul
Help Children in Poverty 
Who Need Urgent Medical Attention

Compassion’s Child Development Program ensures that children living in desperate poverty have access to medical check-ups.

But, what happens when a child living in poverty needs surgery?

Fatao, a 6-year-old-boy living in Burkina Faso, encountered this exact situation.

Compassion’s Medical Assistance Fund stepped in and thanks to you we raised the $23,000 needed for Fatao to receive life-saving heart surgery.

This young boy is now in recovery and has the hope of a childhood he didn’t have before. (Watch and learn more about his journey to healing below.)

But what about the other children? What about children like Alexander, Rossy and Victoria?

Several children living in poverty stricken conditions are in need of serious medical attention. In fact,  the number of proposals for medical assistance has more than tripled since 2008 and this year alone Compassion received 35 meddical proposals.

You can help.

When you donate to the Medical Assistance Fund you are helping respond to situations that include:

  • surgery

  • vision and hearing issues

  • prosthetic limbs

  • wheelchairs

  • trauma counseling

  • special dental needs

Please give today.

The Surgery

For the first time ever, we are bringing you the opportunity to follow along. You can follow the story below or on our blog.

Also, follow us on Twitter as we provide updates using the hashtag #Fatao. 

Fatao's Heart Journey Surgery Begins

World Class Health Care in Chennai, India 

Fatao the day before surgery — In Chennai, India 


The Surgery 


Interview with Fatao's Doctor  


Fatao is Recovering from His Successful Surgery  


Thank You for Helping Fatao  


Fatao Today


View photos from Fatao's JourneyThis photo album contains photos of Fatao at home in Burkina Faso and the start of his journey to India for heart surgery.

Fatao's parents will not be traveling to India with him They are trusting God that everything will turn out well.

"I am not worried . . . All for me is about having hope and prayer. I pray for him to recover and come back to us. This is a matter of distance. If he were here, I would be there, but it’s too far. I will keep praying here so that he comes back to us." – Kone Lassina, Fatao’s father

"I know that I cannot be there, so I am just praying that my son returns home well, and I am praying that we are all well, too." – Sanaou Pauline, Fatao’s mother

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