Kids Prayer

Kids Prayer

Kids prayer can be very simple in the eyes of adults yet they are powerful and effective in reaching the heart of God. Read these inspirational prayers from children around the world.

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Pretend you are in the following situations. How could a guide help you?

  • You get separated from your class during a museum field trip.
  • You are visually impaired and you need to cross a street.
  • You are camping with your Scout troop and it's your turn to build the campfire.

Read or listen to Psalm 24:4-5 and discover how God can be your great Guide this school year.


  • Who in your life shows you God's ways (vs. 4)? Write names of family members, teachers, or others who show God's guidance to you.
  • What can you read to teach you God's truths (vs. 5)? What favorite story in the Bible guides you to learn God's truths? Write or draw about your favorite Bible story on a separate piece of paper.
  • How can you hope in Jesus to be your Guide every day (vs. 5)? Write or draw one activity you do every day at school where Jesus can guide you.