Teaching Respect

Teaching Respect Teaching Respect. Do you show respect to everyone? Compassion International has created a quiz to help your children learn the value of respecting people and children no matter how different they are from everyone else.

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Walking in Wisdom

Illustrated by Luke Flowers


Make your way through the maze while collecting wisdom and avoiding bullies.


Do you show respect to everyone? Take the quiz to find out, then check your results below.

Mostly A's Heavy-Handed Helper
You mean well, but you’re too quick to jump in with assistance or opinions. Instead, get to know other kids and ask them questions before assuming you know what they need.

Mostly B's Respectful Ally
You go out of your way to make everyone feel accepted. You think it’s interesting to find out about people’s families, talents and cultures. You realize that people with special needs can do most things for themselves.

Mostly C's Hands-Off Hider
You’re not sure how to act around people who are different from you, so you shy away. Instead, try to focus on things you have in common with others, not on things that make you different. Speak up when you see something wrong happening.