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Remember this picture from the Fall 2013 issue of Compassion Explorer Magazine? Here are some of your great captions!


"Shh! Someone’s coming!"
Leo, 8
Springfield, Ore.

"This is me with all my friends!"
Caroline, 9
St. Louis, Mo.

“All right, it’s Baby Brainstorm time!"
Belinda, 8
Minot, N.D.

"It’s time to play Duck, Duck, Goose!"
Jack, 7
Webster Groves, Mo.

"You put your head in, you put your head out, you put your head in, and you shake it all about."
Lydia, 8
Philadelphia, Pa.

"Ten little babies laying on the floor, what a blessing from the Lord!"
Sarah, 11
Bellingham, Wash.

"The Philippines has a really Cheery O!"
Charis, 9
Lincoln, Neb.

"Babies, babies, big or small. It doesn’t matter, I love them all!"
Kaitlyn Engle, 6
Rockledge, Fla.

"Come join our circle!"
Lily, 10
Clarence, N.Y.

"How many of us were there again?"
Ella, 8
Beaver Falls, N.Y.