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Remember this picture from the Winter 2014 issue of Compassion Explorer Magazine? Here are some of your great captions!


"There's a nibble on the line!"
Neal, 10
Bay St. Louis, Miss.

"An apple a day ... is really hard to eat this way."
Sam, 11
Bay St. Louis, Miss.

"Hey guys, I'm an inventor! Now people can eat apples and read at the same time!"
Katie, 8
Ridge, N.Y.

"Look, I caught something!"
Brooke, 12
Mandeville, La.

"Uh, can I get some help? I think my teeth are stuck."
Benjamin, 11
Issaquah, Wash.

"Allllmost got it!"
Abby, 11
Calera, Ala.

"How do giraffes eat like this?!"
Jackson, 8
Middleton, Wis.

"Stop moving — I’m hungry!"
Julia, 10
Cary, N.C.

"Just bobbing for apples … in the air!"
Matthew Guyer, 10
Newton, Iowa

"Help! Can’t move, I’m stuck!"
Josiah, 10
Kankakee, Ill.

"I wov appawls so much."
Lily, 10
Clarence, N.Y.

"I can’t quite get it … oh, oh, there we go! Yep, it’s ripe!"
Eli, 11
Colorado Springs, Colo.

"It's OK! I'm just eating an apple!"
Shayne, 9
Medina, Ohio