Easy Crafts for Kids

Easy Crafts for Kids.

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  1. For the trunk, cut off the handle of one jug, leaving an edge around each end of the handle. Around the small edge, cut a ring of slits about ¼ inch deep and ¼ inch apart. You won’t use the rest of this jug.
  2. Remove the cap from the other jug and cut a dime-size hole in the center. Replace the cap and set the jug handle-side up.
  3. To attach the trunk, carefully put a line of glue around the outside of the cap. Then glue the slit end of the trunk around the cap. Make sure the trunk is pointing up and that the cap doesn’t get glued to the jug!
  4. For ears, cut out two large circles of craft foam. For eyes, cut out two circles that are a little bigger than the googly eyes. Glue large circles to sides of jug. Glue small circles on each side of handle. Then glue googly eyes to the small circles.
  5. To fill jug with water, remove the trunk cap after the glue has dried. You’re ready to water plants!
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