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Give a Hoot!


Choose what colors you want to use for this wise owl.

  • 1 cardboard tube from a toilet paper roll
  • 1 sheet of paper [colorful or white]
  • markers
  • kid-safe scissors
  • glue
  • googly eyes [optional]


  1. Fold top of cardboard tube toward the middle so it resembles an owl’s head.
  2. For wings, draw two almond shapes on the paper. If you’re using white paper, color in the shapes with markers. Then cut out the wings.
  3. For the beak, draw a triangle on a piece of orange paper. Or draw it on white paper and color it in with orange marker. Cut it out.
  4. Glue the beak to the front of the tube, and glue the wings to the sides of the tube. Draw big eyes with a marker, or glue on some googly eyes.

More options: For a more colorful owl, paint the tube and let it dry before adding wings, beak and eyes. You can also cut the tube in half to make two baby owls.