Kids' Activities

Kids' Activities

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Adventure Awaits

Print out fun puzzles, a coloring page and stationery for writing to a friend.

Your kids will enjoy doing these coloring pages and fun puzzles together >>

Truly Treasured

True treasures are those things we do for others to show them Jesus’ love.

Here are some ideas for how you can discover true treasures.

Get the Ball Rolling!

These fun games from around the world will keep you on your toes!

Try these fun international games with your kids >

Walking in Wisdom Quiz

Make your way through the maze while collecting wisdom and avoiding bullies.

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Health Matters

Dangers to health lurk everywhere in developing countries. Thanks to sponsors, Compassion teaches kids how to avoid sickness.

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School Days

See if you can fill in the blanks about Alanyu's school day in Uganda, a country in East Africa.

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