Project Overview

Overview of Compassion International's reasons for using a project-based plan for child development

Project Overview
A holistic development approach

Compassion child development centers are long-term, holistic development efforts built around four core features:

Once a center is up and running, it's actually staffed by people in the local community. It starts with a center committee, a director, a secretary/treasurer and several tutors. More people are added as the center grows.

Local control

Church partners receive curriculum support from Compassion, but they contextualize the interventions they provide the children they serve.

Children in the sponsorship program participate in activities with the intention that they reach the following four outcomes upon graduation from the sponsorship program:

  • Child demonstrates commitment to the Lordship of Christ
  • Child chooses good health practices and is physically healthy
  • Child exhibits the motivation and skills to be economically self-supporting
  • Child interacts with other people in a healthy and compassionate manner