Graduate the Program

Graduating the Program
Completing the Course

There comes a time when each child in a Compassion child development center completes the course and prepares to leave the program. Most often this happens because the child simply reaches the maximum age of the country completion plan.

A group of Tanzanian students sits outside while the the teacher stands in front of the group, next to a blackboard.

Although we make every effort to keep children in Compassion-assisted programs until completion, there are times when a child leaves the program early. This can happen when:

  • Suitable learning activities cannot be provided or the child has a poor attendance record
  • A child's parents decide, for varying reasons, that they no longer need or want their child in the program
  • The development center partnership with Compassion ends and the child cannot be transferred to another center
  • A child's home situation improves and Compassion's assistance is no longer needed
  • A child begins employment that will not allow fulfillment of center attendance expectations
  • The child's parents decide to move to an area without a Compassion center nearby

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