Benefits of the Program

Benefits to the child who is sponsored through Compassion International.

Benefits of Our Child Sponsorship Program

Every child is given the opportunity to develop mentally, emotionally, spiritually, economically, socially and physically.


In some cases, the cost of school fees, clothing and supplies are provided. In other cases, it means providing tutoring, help with homework, encouragement and, if necessary, participation in a literacy program outside the classroom. Children also learn a vocation that can later provide them employment.

A doctor in India conducts a health screening as a line of girls wait their turns.

Children are taught about hygiene and how to maintain personal health; care is given as needed. Some Compassion-assisted children also receive supplementary food.

Physical Activity

Children participate in sports and exercise where they can develop their gross and fine motor movement skills. In some places, children have the opportunity to receive evaluations from professionals.

Self-confidence and social skills

We link each child to a local church-based program where Christian adults offer love, guidance, personal attention, guided recreation and safety. Children also learn life skills.

The opportunity to hear the gospel and learn about Jesus.
A young Bolivian boy reading a Bible

Children receive regular Bible training and encouragement through a local church committed to Jesus Christ and the children in its community. This is perhaps the greatest benefit that we offer each Compassion-assisted child.

How Do We Choose Which Children to Register? | What Happens When a Child Leaves Our Sponsorship Program?

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