Water Filters

Provide safe water to children and families, giving up to 120 people clean drinking water for their entire lifetime.

Compassion Water of Life
Give a Child in Need One of The Greatest Gifts – SAFE WATER FOR LIFE!

Safe drinking water is of one of the most urgent needs in developing countries today.

Every day over 4,000 children are dying of water-related diseases such as cholera and typhoid that are easily preventable. Many more are suffering sickness, diarrhea and acute stomach pains – which stop children going to school and growing up into healthy adults.

When you give to Compassion Water of Life, you are not only giving safe drinking water, but protecting a child from life-threatening diseases and allowing that child to go to school, to dream and reach their full potential.

Every $79 in the Water of Life Fund provides:

  • Compassion Water of Life system – safe water for life (over 1 million gallons) for a child and their family in developing countries. 
  • Education on improving hygiene and sanitation
  • Support for improving community water and sanitation sources where needed.

A tax-deductible gift of any amount contributes to providing a child and family with a complete safe water system: including two buckets, a filter, hose, international delivery, and training on how to maintain the system so it provides a lifetime of safe water.

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