Ti Howard Child Survival Program

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Ti Howard Child Survival Program (Haiti)
North of Limbé, Haiti

Wesleyan Church of Ti Howard

Ti Howard is in a dry plains region located about six miles north of Limbé. This area has been largely deforested, and residents of this community lack adequate food resources and drinking water, leaving many hungry and malnourished. This region has also been devastated by recent hurricanes, and many children are orphaned.

The unemployment rate stays at a staggering 90 percent. Those who are able to find steady work, usually on plantations, earn only $27 per month, hardly enough to support their families. Only 75 percent of children complete elementary school, but about a third will never attend school at all.

Most girls give birth for the first time by age 18 and go on to have a total of five to 10 children. However, extremely high rates of malnutrition put newborns and their mothers at risk, and five out of every 100 children in Haiti will never make it past their first birthdays.

But thanks to the care and help that is available through the Child Survival Program, many vulnerable babies and mothers now have a chance at beating the odds.

Trained survival specialists from the church reach out to children and their mothers through regular home visits. As they get to know each mother and see her environment, then they are better able to teach available methods for improving the family’s health and hygiene.

These specialists also help babies and caregivers access needed medical care and immunizations, and pregnant mothers receive regular prenatal care.

Participants regularly receive supplemental food, and the center also provides water filters and hygiene supplies, such as soap.

Mothers enrolled in the program grow spiritually and socially through studies and prayer meetings. They are trained in holistic childcare, including health, nutrition and hygiene. Many mothers attend training for income-generating skills, including sewing and cooking.

When you support this center, you are offering at-risk little ones and their mothers a chance to survive and thrive.

I'd like to commit to supporting this child survival center:

$20 monthly

Ti Howard Child Survival Program
Serving: 50 mothers and their 50 children
Local church partnership: Wesleyan Church of Ti Howard

The community of Ti Howard
Location: North of Limbé
Population: 33,000
Homes: Average homes are made with wooden floors, block or cement walls, and tin or corrugated-iron roofs.
Diet: A typical regional diet consists of maize, bread, potatoes and bananas.

Population: 9,893,934 (July 2013 est.)
Poverty: 62 percent live on less than $1.25 per day.
Infant mortality: Five out of 100 infants die before age 1.

Darline Sylvain (pictured, with her daughter Sleydie) describes her life in this community as “difficult.” She and her children have had to battle hunger, overwhelming poverty, and “all kinds of diseases [that] were ravaging the area.” To illustrate these challenges, she shares a story of a child in her community suffering from severe malnutrition.

“Everybody thought he would die,” she remembers. And even if he did survive, his little body would later have to contend with other threats, such as disease and diarrhea.

But life was about to take a turn for the better. “Thanks to the Child Survival Program,” Darline says, “he is recovered.”

Darline has seen great changes throughout the community since the start of the program, and she feels that their lives are improving. “Thank you for your support — you have saved the lives of many people who were in need.”

Lifesaving services available to babies and mothers:

  • regular home visits
  • pre- and post-natal care
  • vaccinations
  • supplemental food
  • hygiene supplies
  • childcare and parenting education
  • vocational and literacy training
  • Bible studies and prayer meetings
  • loving support of a local church

When you support the Child Survival Program, your gifts help Compassion’s local church partners rescue babies whose lives hang in the balance by:

  • Preventing illness. Regular pre- and post-natal checkups contribute greatly to healthy births. And regular doctor visits and immunizations keep infants and babies healthy and happy.
  • Giving children a healthy start. Nutritious food staples and supplements help children grow and stay strong.
  • Providing training. Mother and caregiver training means children receive mental and physical stimulation activities to improve and develop motor and social-emotional skills and cognitive development.
  • Empowering mothers and caregivers. Infant development and safety, nutrition, literacy and vocational training skills are just a few of the topics the Child Survival Program training includes.
  • Offering spiritual nurturing and guidance. Mothers establish relationships with Christian survival specialists through regular home visits. They also build relationships and a community of faith with other women through local group meetings.
  • Encouraging a stable home. When possible, fathers and other family members living in the home are included in training to help build a stable, secure environment for the child.

I'd like to commit to supporting this child survival center:

$20 monthly

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