Santa Fe de Yapani Child Survival Center

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Santa Fe de Yapani CSP (BOLIVIA)
Northwest of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

In this community, infant mortality is high. For every 1,000 babies, 83 will die.

But infant mortality is just one of the many issues for mothers and babies living in poverty northwest of Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia. Sixty-eight percent of families only make $156 per month, which is not nearly enough to provide appropriate care and development for their children.

In this community, several mothers are undernourished and their infants are malnourished. Parents do not have adequate guidance or knowledge in caring for newborn babies. With so little help, survival becomes the goal.

This is where Compassion's Child Survival Program (CSP) steps in, to offer help and hope.

Mothers who attend this Child Survival Program (CSP) are visited, in their homes, by a CSP representative. They are given food and nutrients, which are essential to the growth and development of their baby. They are also trained and given practical applications for how to raise and care for their infant.

In addition, they learn about Jesus and receive a Bible.

When you support this center you are not just sustaining the life of an infant, you are providing a chance for mothers and babies to thrive.

I'd like to commit to supporting this child survival center:

$20 monthly

In this community of 9,000, ninety-nine percent of the residents must buy water from trucks because there is no potable water near their homes. The source of this water is unknown, so families are continuously at risk for disease.

Adding to that risk is the nearly 40 percent of trash that ends up in the streets because it is not picked up by garbage trucks.

Local children experience digestive infections and respiratory illnesses regularly, along with malnutrition. Alcoholism and gangs also contribute greatly to community issues.

Because unemployment is nearly 60 percent, children must find ways to earn money to supplement family income.  Therefore, only 20 percent of these chidren graduate from high school.

Two medical facilities are 1.5 kilometers away. Most first-time mothers are 20 years old and give birth in the hospital rather than at home. Households average three children.

The desperation and hopelessness of poverty had broken Roxana. When she was pregnant with her first baby she had no support. With little guidance and no means to raise her baby, she drank poison.

God had different plans for Roxana, He healed her and she gave birth to her baby girl. Today she has two other children. Aracely is her youngest daughter and she is enrolled, with her mother, in the Child Survival Program (CSP).

The CSP center stepped in and taught Roxana critical skills which are helping her raise Aracely. They have taught her that children are a gift from God and they have also supplied her with much needed food and supplies.

When Roxana was asked what dreams she has for Aracely she responded, "I would like my baby to study and to dedicate her life to God."

Services this center provides:

  • Educational lessons
  • Job skills training
  • Spiritual training

When you support the Children Survival Program, your charity donation helps Compassion's local partners reduce infant and child mortality by:

  • Preventing illness. Regular prenatal and postnatal checkups contribute greatly to healthy births. And regular doctor visits and immunizations keep infants and toddlers healthy and happy.
  • Giving children a healthy start. Nutritious food staples and supplements help children grow and stay strong.
  • Providing training. Mother and caregiver training means children receive mental and physical stimulation activities to improve and develop motor skills, social-emotional skills and cognitive development.
  • Empowering mothers and caregivers. Infant development and safety, nutrition, literacy and job training skills are just a few topics included in the Child Survival Program training.
  • Offering spiritual nurturing. Mothers establish relationships with Christian Survival Specialists through regular home visits. They also build relationships and a community of faith with other women through local group meetings.
  • Including family training. When possible, fathers and other family members living in the home are included in training to help build a stable, secure environment for the child.

I'd like to commit to supporting this child survival center:

$20 monthly

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