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Nyaruhanga Child Survival Program (Uganda)
Northwest of Kabale, Uganda

Life in southwestern Uganda is not easy. A long rainy season makes respiratory infections and water-borne illnesses common.

People work as subsistence farmers, often not even growing enough food to feed themselves or their families. Poverty is rampant and many live lives devoid of hope.

The average age at which a woman in this area first becomes pregnant is 16 and she has to travel 3km to receive any medical care. The Nyaruhanga Child Survival Program (CSP) is bringing hope to these women who desperately need it. Women and their children who attend the Nyaruhanga CSP receive many benefits including:

  • supplemental foods
  • vitamins
  • regular health care
  • hygiene and household items
  • entrepreneurial skills training
  • adult literacy programs

Additionally, the women are connected to a local church where they hear about God’s deep and abiding love for them and understand that they were created by Him with a purpose. This understanding is life-changing on many levels.

Through a holistic program, the Nyaruhanga CSP is restoring hope to women living in a small village in Uganda, and by supporting this center you can be a part of radically transforming their lives.

$20 monthly

Meet Caroline and Kirabo

Caroline attends the Nyaruhanga CSP with her 20-month-old daughter, Kirabo. Caroline is HIV-positive and knows that without the help of the CSP, she wouldn’t be alive. Thankfully, through the intervention of the CSP, Caroline did not pass HIV on to her daughter, Kirabo.

The CSP provides Caroline with life-saving ART drugs, as well as food supplements, and household items like bedding, mosquito nets, and utensils. Caroline has also learned the art of basket-weaving, something she hopes will allow her to support her family.

When asked what difference being a part of the Nyaruhanga CSP has made, Caroline answers clearly and simply.

“It has made my life much easier and makes me feel loved and accepted

Services this center provides

  • Delivery kits for expecting mothers
  • Twice annual health screening for all registered babies
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention education
  • Monthly food supplements

When you support the Child Survival Program, your charity donation helps Compassion’s local partners reduce infant and child mortality by:

  • Preventing illness. Regular prenatal and postnatal checkups contribute greatly to healthy births. Regular doctor visits and immunizations keep infants and toddlers healthy and happy.
  • Giving children a healthy start. Nutritious food staples and supplements help children grow and stay strong.
  • Providing training. Mother and caregiver training means children receive mental and physical stimulation activities to improve and develop motor skills, social-emotional skills and cognitive development.
  • Empowering mothers and caregivers. Infant development and safety, nutrition, literacy and job training skills are just a few of the topics the Child Survival Program training includes.
  • Offering spiritual nurturing. Mothers establish relationships with Christian Survival Specialists through regular home visits. They also build relationships and a community of faith with other women through local group meetings.
  • Including family training. When possible, fathers and other family members living in the home are included in training to help build a stable, secure environment for the child.

$20 monthly

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