A Mother's Sacrifice for her Family

  |   Posted: March 16, 2011

A Mother's Sacrifice for her Family

For Maria Yohana, finding enough food to feed her family is a daily struggle, one she often loses.

In a small village 50 kilometers east of Jakarta, Indonesia, Maria uses every avenue she can find to feed her husband and four children. She gets some payment for washing clothes and takes on other odd jobs, but it’s never enough, even combined with the wages her husband brings home. Eating is often a luxury.

“I frequently have to borrow money for food,” admits Maria. “I will often skip my meals so the children can eat. It’s okay if I’m not eating as long as my husband and children can,” she adds. Now, however, thanks to the Petra Child Survival Program at the Gospel Spreading Church in Kampung Sawah, Maria no longer has to sacrifice her nutrition for the sake of her family.

“I love being in this program because I receive food and vitamins, and I get to learn stories from the Bible,” Maria says. “I am also learning job skills so I can help provide for my family, too. Now I have friends from the church and my baby, Jonathan, can eat food and drink milk — things I can’t always give him. We are both much healthier now because of the Child Survival Program!”