The Invitation That Changed A Life

The Invitation That Changed A Life

Five months pregnant when her husband abandoned her, Rumela was desperate and alone.

With no means to pay for medical checkups and having to skip meals for a lack of food, the thought of single parenthood was overwhelming to Rumela. Her distress was so great, she seriously considered giving her child away, thinking it was her only option. Then someone from the local church in her town in West Bengal, eastern India, invited Rumela to be part of a Child Survival Program — an invitation that changed her life.

Immediately Rumela began receiving regular medical checkups through the program. She was also given nutritious meals and medicines to keep her and the baby healthy. Four months after joining, Rumela gave birth to Gauri, a healthy little girl!

“I have definitely felt a change in my life after coming to the program here at Immanuel Church,” says Rumela. “Before coming here, I used to get very sad, thinking about how to raise my daughter as a single parent. Now I’ve learned to stitch and weave so I can earn money to raise up my daughter in this difficult world!”

But the greatest comfort for Rumela is her newfound faith in God. “I have learned to pray and believe in God, which gives me a lot of peace inside. I receive so much help here, it makes me feel blessed and relieved of my burden. I know I’m not alone anymore!”