Child Survival Program

Ecuador — South America

The Jerico CSP is located in a remote village called Lomas de San José. Nestled in the mountains of Ecuador, families live in bamboo cane houses with no access to electricity. The closest health center is a 45 minute bus ride away.

For Only $20 A Month

You will help moms and babies in Ecuador begin building a better life together.

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This is Yamira and her beautiful two-year old son, Bryan.

Recently, Bryan was diagnosed with a hernia. Thanks to the help of the Jerico CSP, Bryan was able to receive a successful surgery. The supportive community proved invaluable to Yamira.

"I’m deeply grateful to the CSP and to Compassion International for the work they are doing, and for giving me the opportunity to be benefited by this program."

Life For Moms and Newborns in South America

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