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Help babies and their mothers escape poverty through Compassion International's Child Survival Program. You help will allow babies and infants in poverty to survive. Your non-profit donation provides nutrition, education and medical intervention for babies in poverty.

  • Infant mortality
  • Babies in poverty
  • Baby survival

Compassion International is a Christian non-profit that provides for babies and mothers in poverty. Donations to charity are tax deductible.

Resource Kit
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The Child Survival Program Resource Kit provides helpful tools and information on how to expand your impact as a Child Survival Advocate.

The ministry you will have as a Child Survival Advocate is remarkable. And by sharing Compassion's Child Survival Program with your friends, church community, and others, you will have the deep satisfaction of knowing that you are saving and changing lives!

The Resource kit provides you with both words and pictures for you to download and use freely.

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You may download each element in the Resource Kit individually, or the entire kit at once now.

A Brief Introduction to Compassion International

Compassion Intro ThumbnailFor the past 60 years Compassion International has been releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name. This brief introduction will help you understand and share Compassion’s three focal points for ministry: our mission, statement of faith, and financial responsibility. It brings together a quick overview in one helpful PDF file.

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How You Can Make A Difference as a Child Survival Advocate

CSP Intro ThumbnailAs a Child Survival Advocate you not only have the opportunity to save the lives of children through your donations, but you can also help care for many more children by sharing their story with your family, Bible study or small group members, or an endless variety of other friends though social media. This resource is full of helpful background on the Child Survival Program.

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Download the Child Survival Program brief now >

Child Survival Program Flyer/Poster/Handout

Poster ThumbnailDownload it, email it, print it, post it, hand it out. In short, use this compelling 8-1/2 x 11 document any way you want to help share the story of children who need to be saved. It's a great way to expand your message as a Child Survival Advocate.

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Download the Child Survival Program flyer/poster/handout now >

Social Media Posts and Images

Social Media ThumbnailYour Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media accounts are a great way to share your conviction about being a Child Survival Advocate. We provide you with sample Facebook and Twitter posts (all less than 140 characters) plus images and even a Facebook Cover Page image with or without your Child Survival Advocate tag.

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Sample Email Text

Sample Email ThumbnailSometimes the simplest way to tell friends about something as important as the Child Survival Program is to send them an email describing the issues and how your friends can join you in helping save lives. You can download a sample email and then you can cut, paste, edit (if you wish), and send to your friends. It briefly describes the benefits of the Child Survival Program and how to learn more about becoming a Child Survival Advocate. Please share with as many friends as you can!

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Banner Ads

Banner Ads ThumbnailBanner ads with a compelling image and simple but powerful words are another great way to share the importance of the Child Survival Program in your role as a Child Survival Advocate. You can download banner ads in a variety of sizes for use on your personal blogs, Facebook page, church website, or, if you are business owner, company website

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