Columna Y Baluarte Child Survival Program

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Columna Y Baluarte Child Survival Program (El Salvador)
Santa Maria Ostuma, El Salvador

In Santa Maria Ostuma, on average a woman becomes a mother between the ages of 14 and 19.

About 45% of the women are single mothers and rarely receive an education beyond middle school. This means many of them do not have enough education to provide an income for their children.

In addition, when young mothers have children, some of the children are born with physical disabilities or serious birth defects.

The community lacks the basic necessities such as healthcare, nutrition, and education.

Through Compassion's Child Survival Program, babies receive nutritious food, vaccinations, and life-saving supplies.

Although these supplies are essential for babies, the program provides child development training for mothers. The program also teaches mothers how to keep their homes safe and clean, how to prepare nutritious and sanitized food, and income-generating skills to support their family.

Your support provides a chance for mothers and babies to thrive!

$20 monthly

Meet Delmy and Nelson

Delmy, her husband, and her three children live with Delmy's mother, father, and sister in a small two bedroom home.

In order for this family to survive they share the meager income they receive to support the entire extended family. Delmy's husband only earns $15 a week as a bricklayer when he can find work. The other provider in the family is Delmy's sister who earns $150 a month as a Daycare provider in another city.

Since joining Compassion's Child Survival Program, Delmy has watched her youngest son, 2-year-old Nelson grow healthy and strong. She receives nutritious meals, supplements, medical care, child development training, and she is also learning income-generating skills to help add more income to the family home.

Delmy is now full of joy and grateful, "…for your sacrifice for us."


The plains of Jucuapa is home to approximately 30,000 adults - most of whom are unemployed, with few adults that are able to earn a meager income of $80 per month, providing fundamental meals such as maize, beans, rice, and potatoes. However, most households within this community are not able to provide their children with basic necessities such as medical check ups, clean water, and a nutritious meal.

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Services this center provides

  • Home Visits
  • Group meetings
  • Childcare lessons
  • Spiritual training
  • Nutritious foods
  • Hygiene supplies
  • Job skills training

When you support the Child Survival Program, your charity donation helps Compassion’s local partners reduce infant and child mortality by:

  • Preventing illness. Regular prenatal and postnatal checkups contribute greatly to healthy births. And regular doctor visits and immunizations keep infants and toddlers healthy and happy.
  • Giving children a healthy start. Nutritious food staples and supplements help children grow and stay strong.
  • Providing training. Mother and caregiver training means children receive mental and physical stimulation activities to improve and develop motor skills, social-emotional skills and cognitive development.
  • Empowering mothers and caregivers. Infant development and safety, nutrition, literacy and job training skills are just a few of the topics the Child Survival Program training includes.
  • Offering spiritual nurturing. Mothers establish relationships with Christian Survival Specialists through regular home visits. They also build relationships and a community of faith with other women through local group meetings.
  • Including family training. When possible, fathers and other family members living in the home are included in training to help build a stable, secure environment for the child.

$20 monthly

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