Visiting My Sponsored Child
Custom Visits

Meeting your sponsored child in person is guaranteed to be a lasting memory and connection for both of you! Compassion believes so strongly in the positive impact of such a meeting that  we will coordinate the logistics of the visit and provide a certified Compassion representative to accompany you.  Our team is able to arrange visits for individual sponsors as well as groups of sponsors.

The information below will walk you through the process of setting up a visit with your sponsored child: 

Visit Planning Guidelines
  • Compassion requests eight (8) weeks’ notice prior to the date of the visit in order to make arrangements. Arranging a visit may take several weeks, as we coordinate logistics between the U.S. office, the country field office, the child development center your child attends, your child’s family, and you.
  • Thank you for your ongoing support of our care for children!  In order to ensure our children’s protection and determine your eligibility to interact with beneficiaries in our sponsorship programs, a simple background check is required for each adult visitor (age 18 or older) to pursue any visit arrangements. A nonrefundable processing fee of $35 per visitor and payment must be received as a first step in the process. Once we receive your visit request, we will provide you instruction and direction to the background-check form, which must be completed and returned by each adult visitor no later than one week after your visit request submission.
  • Compassion requires a completed Visit Request Form (see Child Visit Checklist) before we contact the country field office to plan your visit.
  • If you need more information or have additional questions, please e-mail our team at visits@us.ci.org, or call (800) 336-7542 for assistance.
  • Compassion requires sponsors who travel separately from Compassion groups to reimburse expenses incurred by the country field office, children’s center, or child’s family in the planning and facilitation of an individual visit. These expenses may include transportation, translation, meals, and possibly overnight lodging. We will provide an expense estimate and itinerary in advance of the visit date to help you prepare for this special day!

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