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When you join Compassion International's Prayer Partner Network, you will receive a monthly prayer calendar via e-mail at the end of each month.

The monthly prayer calendar will help you pray consistently for "the least of these." Please take a few minutes each day to pray for a child and commit the child's need to our loving Father.

A Message from Mark Hanlon
Mark Hanlon

If you were stranded on a desert island, what is the one food that you could picture yourself eating over and over without growing tired of it? I hate to admit it, but for me it’s fried chicken. Luckily, I’m not on a desert island – and I have a wife who keeps me eating plenty of vegetables to balance out the fried chicken splurges!

I love when I travel and get to ask Compassion children what their favorite foods are. They tend to love the foods their mothers lovingly make – handmade tortillas, chicken simmered over a fire, fresh naan bread.

But around the world, millions of parents cannot fill the plates of their children with hot, nutritious food. There is no meat, no fruits nor vegetables in these homes. Often, all families have are half-filled bowls of rice.

Some days, they have nothing.

This month, as we celebrate World Food Day, let’s remember those children who have known what it is like to be hungry. Pray for those parents who have worked so hard to provide even the most basic food for their families.

Pray also for the children registered with Compassion who are receiving supplemental nutrition and medical support for the long-term effects of malnutrition. Pray that their bodies will grow strong as their families receive food and vitamins from Compassion and the church.

Thank you for continuing to lift up these precious children we serve together!

Mark Hanlon signature
Mark Hanlon
Senior Vice President
Global Marketing and Engagement

  • UPDATE: Last month we prayed for Luciana in El Salvador who had kidney stones. Praise God the kidney stones are gone! Keep Luciana in your prayers for other kidney issues.
  • UPDATE: We recently prayed for Pheonah in Uganda who had seizures due to epilepsy. Praise God her medications are working, and she is happy and back in school.
  • We praise God that two children from India who were suffering from appendicitis have now completely recovered.
  • We praise God for a Child Survival Program mother in Bolivia who, after suffering sexual abuse since she was child, is now learning to value her life and to know God.