Individual Visit Planning Process

Individual Visit Planning Process

Why do I need to give advance notice at least eight weeks before my trip?  This allows the field office and administration team ample time to connect with your child and the student center to coordinate your visit, while managing the global visit volume.

If you are planning a trip to the country in which your sponsored child lives and would like to visit him or her, please read the information below:

Step One:

Sponsor provides necessary information to Compassion's U.S. office eight to 12 weeks in advance of travel.

Information required from sponsor and/or primary visitor:

• Arrival and departure dates
• Preferred weekday visit date
• Lodging information (hotel name, street address, city and phone)
• Number of adult and minor (under age 18) companions joining the  visit
• Reason for travel, such as a mission trip, visiting friends, vacation, etc.

Step Two:

Compassion will provide instructions on completing a Background Check application for each visitor over the age of 18:

There is a nonrefundable $35 processing fee per background check, which is paid by credit or debit card directly to the vendor, through the link provided by our Visits team.

If a visitor elects to decline a background check, Compassion will not be able to pursue arrangements for any visit to include that person.  Thank you for your understanding and affirmation of our policy.

Step Three:

The field office staff will receive the request from Compassion USA and do the following:

• Check visit date to ensure a certified Compassion representative is available to facilitate the visit.

• Send the request to the child’s Compassion student center to ensure the child and family are available for a visit.

• The Compassion student center will then confirm to the field office an itinerary and expense estimate for the sponsor’s review. 

Step Four:

The USA office will confirm the visit date with the sponsor and give final information to the sponsor prior to the confirmed visit date.

* Note: If original dates are changed or the child is not available, the communication process will require additional time. The entire communication process can take from two to six weeks.

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