Child Protection Policy

Our Child Protection Policy

Concern for the well-being of children is the cornerstone of our ministry. We do everything within our power to ensure that no harm comes to any child registered in our program and to protect our children from any form of child abuse or exploitation.

A Bolivian mother with her four children

We believe the vast majority of our sponsors and donors share these values. Regrettably, some people might possibly seek to use our Child Sponsorship Program for wrong motives.

Therefore, consider these guidelines during your visit:
  • A certified Compassion representative will accompany visitors at all times during any visit.
  • A visitor may go to a child's home for a meal or a visit, if invited, and a Compassion representative accompanies them.
  • Visitors may not stay overnight with children, whether in a staff member's home or elsewhere.
  • Visitors may not ask for or accept accommodations from the child development center or with the family of the sponsored child.
  • Visitors should show respect to the children they meet. They should avoid flirting, unwelcome flattery, or making suggestive comments.
  • Visitors will be educated on how to be culturally sensitive in expressing affection to their sponsored child.
  • Visitors may not give any personal contact information to a sponsored child and may not ask or record a sponsored child's personal contact information.

These guidelines are meant to protect the children in our child development centers from abuse and protect you from wrongful allegations of abuse.

Visitors to our programs should be concerned about the perception and appearance of the relationships they establish with the minors and children we serve. For everyone's protection, it is important to avoid even the appearance of inappropriate conduct.

Contact Tours and Visits

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