August 2014 Prayer Calendar

Participation in the Prayer Partner Network is an essential part of Compassion's ministry for children and families in poverty.

August 2014 Prayer Calendar

Dear Prayer Partner,

Childhood is filled with learning, isn’t it? First you learn to crawl, then to walk. You learn to talk and to sing. Those first years of school are filled with seemingly infinite lessons — numbers, colors, reading, writing. Each lesson builds on the one before.

In Psalm 71 the psalmist talks about God teaching us from our youth. I think we can learn from the fact that God places so much value on teaching us from the time we are children. How much more do we need to help the children around us form this strong foundation?

In our programs, teaching children about God’s love is a key part of releasing those children from poverty in Jesus’ name. When a child knows he was lovingly knit together by the Creator, he will grow into an adult who sees himself as valuable — an adult who can change the world. Those formative years need to be infused with lessons of the saving power of Jesus. Lessons that will lead children to one day declare God’s marvelous deeds.

Will you pray for the teaching of these impressionable children? Pray for Compassion center staff and sponsors as they speak the Word of God to these kids, teaching of His love and care.

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Mark Hanlon
Global Marketing and Engagement
Compassion International


Praise God that Sharna and Rekha in Bangladesh both had successful surgeries and are now well!

Praise God that, because of your faithful prayer and our dedicated sponsors, more than 1,437,000 beneficiaries are currently rising above the challenges of extreme poverty through Compassion.

Praise God for the miraculous healing of Jonas in Ecuador who, after being in ICU and not expected to live, is now walking, talking and improving every day!

Praise God that N. G. Para Child Development Center in eastern India now has a drinking water facility for the children to drink safe, clean water.

Praise God that, since July 1, 2013, more than 95,000 Compassion children have professed personal faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord!

All children mentioned have sponsors and their monetary needs are supplied. In situations of disaster or dire need, local Compassion staff have stepped in to provide and arrange emergency assistance and support.

Verse of the Month

Since my youth, God, you have taught me, and to this day I declare your marvelous deeds.
— Psalm 71:17-18, NIV

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Friday 1

Pray for Compassion staff and sponsors as they speak God’s love into the lives of boys and girls around the world. Pray that our children would grasp how valued they are in God’s sight.

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Saturday 2

Pray for the protection and safety of our staff and beneficiaries in Thailand from the political unrest in the country.

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Sunday 3

Pray for the families of 216 Compassion children in Uganda whose crops were destroyed by recent flooding.

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Monday 4

Pray for 18-month-old Ansh in eastern India, who has been diagnosed with meningitis and tuberculosis. His health is deteriorating quickly.

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Tuesday 5

Pray for God’s comfort of Rosamaría in Peru, who has bone cancer requiring hospitalization and chemotherapy.

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Wednesday 6

Pray for God’s intervention for Yabsira in Ethiopia, who is suffering from leukemia and whose condition is deteriorating.

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Thursday 7

Pray for five Compassion children and their families whose homes were severely damaged by strong winds in Monteria, Colombia.

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Friday 8

Please pray for the Lord’s protection and care of our beneficiaries near San Miguel, El Salvador, who were evacuated from their homes due to flooding.

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Saturday 9

Pray for 12-year-old Peace in Ghana, whose mother is unable to provide for the family’s needs and whose older siblings are proving to be a negative influence.

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Sunday 10

Pray for peace and comfort for Arni Joice in eastern Indonesia, who recently lost her mother to cancer.

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Monday 11

Liana in Brazil asks us to pray that her pregnant mother will stop drinking, which is endangering the life of Liana’s unborn sibling.

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Tuesday 12

International Youth Day: Pray for the growing number of youth who are engaging in positive activities to help free children from poverty.

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Wednesday 13

Pray for God to protect our beneficiaries in Burkina Faso from malaria, which increases during the rainy season.

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Thursday 14

Pray for the mother and father of Cristhian in Ecuador, who are both out of work, causing even more severe financial challenges. Pray for jobs and provision.

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Friday 15

Pray for the many registered children in Bolivia whose parents are either divorced or contemplating divorce.

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Saturday 16

Update: Please continue to pray earnestly for Gabriel in Togo, who has leprosy. After some earlier improvement, his condition is worsening.

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Sunday 17

Pray for Roxy in the Philippines, who is suffering from congenital heart disease and needs God’s healing touch.

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Monday 18

Pray for Engher and his family in the Dominican Republic, who lost everything in a house fire. Compassion is assisting with emergency provisions and arrangements.

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Tuesday 19

A mom in our Kenya Child Survival Program (CSP) is battling depression after being diagnosed with HIV. Pray for her healing and comfort as she undergoes antiretroviral treatment and counseling.

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Wednesday 20

Pray for our beneficiaries in Thailand who were affected by a recent earthquake that damaged several family dwellings and child development program facilities.

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Thursday 21

Pray for Compassion staff in Honduras who work in areas where gang activity is a constant threat. Also pray that God will guide our children away from gang involvement.

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Friday 22

Pray for the Lord to comfort CSP mom Asha in Kenya, whose twin babies need healing from swelling of the head and anemia.

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Saturday 23

Pray for Khajayrani in eastern India, who is suffering from heart disease. Pray for God to also comfort and strengthen his family.

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Sunday 24

Pray for comfort for Sudhager and family in Sri Lanka, whose father died after a fall.

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Monday 25

Pray for 17-year-old Juliet in Uganda, who contracted malaria and became paralyzed after not responding to treatment.

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Tuesday 26

Pray for 16-year-old Geraldine in Rwanda, who has diabetes. Pray also for her mother as she cares for Geraldine.

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Wednesday 27

Pray for God’s comfort to embrace Madelyn in Guatemala, who is very sad after her little brother recently died.

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Thursday 28

Pray for Isabelle and Abla in Togo, who both have heart malformations and need your prayer for healing and strength.

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Friday 29

Pray for one of our program coordinators in eastern Indonesia, who is having a difficult time emotionally because, the day before her wedding, her mother passed away.

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Saturday 30

Pray for strength, encouragement and healing for Jhon in Colombia, who was hit in the spine by a stray bullet and may be unable to walk.

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Sunday 31

Pray for Sumi and Anju in Bangladesh, who both are undergoing treatment for tumors.

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