June 2014 Prayer Calendar

Participation in the Prayer Partner Network is an essential part of Compassion's ministry for children and families in poverty.

June 2014 Prayer Calendar

I think it’s very telling that the story of Jesus and the children appears in three of the four Gospels. I get the feeling that it’s not something we’re supposed to skip over! Why is that story so important? And what does it really mean to enter the kingdom of heaven like little children?

Part of what Jesus saw in those children gathered around him was their lack of inhibition. They came to Jesus without the feelings of shame and fear that kept many of the adults away. They weren’t trying to impress Him or hide from Him. They just wanted to be near Him.

It saddens me when I see fear and shame creep into the lives of the children Compassion serves. Poverty teaches a child that he is worthless. That she is unlovable. But as sponsors, staff and prayer partners, we get to show children the love of a Jesus who draws us close. Who defends us. Who loves us.

Will you pray this month that the children we serve together will know that love? That they will approach the throne of the Father with confidence and enter the kingdom with faith?

Thank you for praying against the lies of poverty in the lives of the children we have the privilege of helping.

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Mark Hanlon
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Praise God for His protection of Compassion children and staff in the southern parts of Peru, which felt the effects of the recent 8.2 magnitude earthquake in Chile.

Praise God that thousands of impoverished children were sponsored as a result of Compassion Sunday in May.

Update: Last month we prayed for Sushila in eastern India, who was severely depressed after the death of her father. Thank God that she is doing much better now.

Praise God for the hundreds of students around the world who are successfully graduating from the Leadership Development Program — ready to be Christ-filled servant leaders in their countries!

All children mentioned have sponsors and their monetary needs are supplied. In situations of disaster or dire need, local Compassion staff have stepped in to provide and arrange emergency assistance and support.

Verse of the Month

He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them. And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”
— Matthew 18:2-3, NIV

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Sunday 1

International Day for Protection of Children: Please continue to pray for Compassion’s efforts across the world to help children in poverty feel known, loved and protected.

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Monday 2

Pray for Deepika in India, who has cerebral palsy and needs God’s strength and comfort.

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Tuesday 3

Pray for healing for Leadership Development Program (LDP) student Nairobel in the Dominican Republic, who needs a heart catheterization.

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Wednesday 4

Pray for Charles in Kenya, who is currently missing a lot of school due to family conflicts. Pray for God’s Spirit to enable healthier relationships in this family.

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Thursday 5

Pray for Patcharaporn in Thailand, who has severe pain in her leg — doctors have been unable to diagnose the problem.

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Friday 6

Pray for siblings 13-year-old Gisela and 11-year-old Maria in Peru, whose father was killed in a mugging; and for 15-year-old José, whose brother was shot and killed.

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Saturday 7

Heavy rains in Adansi Kwaanan, Ghana, have damaged homes of 29 Compassion children. Pray for their recovery; Compassion has provided emergency relief items and helped repair houses.

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Sunday 8

Pray for LDP student Katherine and her father in the Philippines. She recently discovered he is addicted to drugs.

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Monday 9

Pray for Tanzania Child Survival Program (CSP) mom Robi and her child, Frank, that they may be released from traditional ties that have indentured Robi to a woman in their village.

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Tuesday 10

Pray for the 164 Compassion children and their families in Nicaragua whose homes were damaged or destroyed in the April earthquake. Compassion has provided emergency assistance.

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Wednesday 11

Pray for Ramakrishnan, a special needs child in Sri Lanka whose parents are divorced. He is experiencing a great deal of instability in his life.

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Thursday 12

Pray for the families, friends and sponsors of Carmen in Lagunas Oaxaca, and Francisco in Veracruz, Mexico, who both died recently.

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Friday 13

Pray for Alice in Rwanda, who was raped by her HIV-positive father. He is now in jail; Alice tested negative for HIV and pregnancy but she is suffering emotionally.

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Saturday 14

Pray for siblings Tannu and Sohani in eastern India, who were injured in an accident that killed their father. Sohani’s injuries required multiple surgeries.

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Sunday 15

Pray for healing for the mother of Alejandro in Colombia, who was attacked by a gang and is in a coma.

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Monday 16

Pray for protection for our children in Burkina Faso against meningitis, tuberculosis and pneumonia — very common diseases during the dry season.

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Tuesday 17

Pray for 3-year-old Tabitha, daughter of one of our program coordinators in India, who is partially paralyzed and has been bedridden for more than five months.

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Wednesday 18

Pray for siblings Edwin, Maynor and Carmen in Guatemala, whose mother passed away. Their father has to leave his six children alone in order to work.

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Thursday 19

Please pray for Sefako in Togo, whom we prayed for in April. She is epileptic and was sexually abused; her parents are delaying treatment and legal processes.

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Friday 20

Pray for Siwakorn in Thailand. His father sometimes travels to another village for work, leaving Siwakorn alone for days.

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Saturday 21

Pray for God’s healing for two boys in Honduras: 11-year-old Osvil, who has stomach cancer, and 4-year-old Obed, who has leukemia.

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Sunday 22

Pray for God’s protection and healing or Brian and Sarah in Uganda, who have epilepsy.

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Monday 23

Pray for God to comfort the family, friends and sponsors of three children in India who recently died: Alen, Komal and Khushi.

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Tuesday 24

Pray for strength, comfort and a miracle of healing for Jairo in El Salvador, who has terminal kidney disease.

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Wednesday 25

Pray for the families of Gillen and Nicolas in Kenya, who went missing and have not been found. Pray for the children’s protection and for comfort and hope for their families.

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Thursday 26

Compassion has more than 4,000 registered children who have waited a year or longer for sponsors. Pray that God will raise up sponsors for these children soon!

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Friday 27

Pray for the mother of one of our children in Nicaragua. She has breast cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy.

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Saturday 28

Pray for 2-year-old Deborah in Rwanda, whose HIV-positive mother died. She was rejected by her foster father when Deborah was also found to be HIV-positive.

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Sunday 29

Pray for comfort for Mala and her family in eastern India, who are mourning the loss of her father.

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Monday 30

Pray for Santiago in Ecuador, who deeply desires to participate in church activities but his father won’t allow him to do so.

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