May 2014 Prayer Calendar

Participation in the Prayer Partner Network is an essential part of Compassion's ministry for children and families in poverty.

May 2014 Prayer Calendar

Recently I became a grandfather for the first time, and I can honestly say there is nothing in the world like it! It has brought my wife and me so much joy to be with our grandson. And being around a little baby has reminded me with fresh clarity that my grandson’s world is filled with discoveries.

What an honor it is to watch a child discover the world around him! To see him respond to voices, feel the sun on his face. To watch as he discovers his own fingers and toes. His world is filled with good things waiting to be revealed.

Our Compassion staff and sponsors get to witness a similar time of discovery in the children we serve. Except that these children are discovering love and respect. Safety and protection. For some, their first gift or letter was received at the student center. For others, the words “I believe in you” have never been heard — until now.

Would you pray this month that God will continue to reveal those good and beautiful things to millions of children in poverty? That their worlds will be filled with discovery and wonder, as God is pleased to do (Matthew 11:26).

Thank you for helping reveal God’s good and perfect gifts to children around the world.

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Mark Hanlon
Global Marketing and Engagement
Compassion International

Answered Prayer

Update: Last summer we prayed for Peterson, a Leadership Development Program student in Kenya who became blind from a brain tumor. She is now in a rehabilitation facility and is learning braille.

Praise the Lord for sending a heavy rainfall after a recent eruption of Mount Kelud in Indonesia. The rain rinsed away much of the fallen ash around our beneficiaries’ homes.

Praise God for the 1,591 new children registered in local Compassion India programs in a recent month! Pray that sponsors will come alongside them quickly.

We praise the Lord for the liberation of sponsored child Franklin in Honduras, who had been kidnapped. He was released unharmed after two days!

Update: Last year we prayed for Miguel in Peru, who was suffering from leukemia. Miguel is receiving chemotherapy and is improving. Thank you for your continued prayer for Miguel.

Praise God that, because of generous donors, Roza was able to travel from Ethiopia to India for heart surgery. She is now home and in good health!

All children mentioned have sponsors and their monetary needs are supplied.

Verse of the Month

At that time Jesus said, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children. Yes, Father, for this is what you were pleased to do.”
— Matthew 11:25-26, NIV

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Thursday 1

Pray for the hundreds of Compassion sponsors who are stepping up to present the Compassion child-sponsorship opportunity Sunday in churches nationwide.

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Friday 2

Pray for God’s protection over 20 Compassion children and their families in Brazil, and the pastor of their church, who have received death threats from a gang of drug dealers.

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Saturday 3

Several Compassion children are suffering from leukemia: Sheyla (Peru), Eddy (Equador), Tatu and Precious (Kenya), and brothers Abraham and Santiago (Colombia).

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Sunday 4

Compassion Sunday: Pray that God would lead thousands of families, single adults and youth groups to sponsor children in need.

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Monday 5

Pray for one of our Compassion children in eastern India, who is severely depressed following the death of her father. Pray for God’s loving arms of comfort to envelop her.

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Tuesday 6

Pray for comfort for Josiah and Robenson in Haiti, whose mother passed away after being taken to the hospital for a headache.

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Wednesday 7

Pray for comfort of two Compassion Uganda staff who recently lost loved ones: Jacky lost a sister in-law and Faith lost her cousin.

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Thursday 8

Pray for God to comfort the family, friends and sponsor of Vijimegala in India, who recently passed away.

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Friday 9

Pray for 112 Compassion families in Ecuador whose homes were damaged during recent flooding. Compassion is providing emergency supplies and care.

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Saturday 10

Pray for the 15 Leadership Development Program (LDP) students in Tanzania who are waiting for sponsors. Pray for all unsponsored LDP students around the world.

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Sunday 11

Pray for God to comfort the family, friends and sponsor of Krisdiano in eastern Indonesia, who recently passed away.

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Monday 12

Pray for our new LDP students in Guatemala and around the globe as they adjust to university life and the rigorous requirements of the LDP program.

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Tuesday 13

Pray for Janno and Jayferson in the Philippines, who both need kidney transplants and are waiting for donors.

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Wednesday 14

Pray for the three siblings of 9-year-old Rita in Mexico as they grieve her recent passing. They also lost their mother recently and need God’s special comfort.

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Thursday 15

International Day of Families: Pray for the families of Compassion children around the world to rise above the challenges of extreme poverty and embrace Jesus as Savior and Lord.

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Friday 16

Pray for Nazrul in Bangladesh, who has damage to both kidneys. Pray for God’s healing touch and for a donor match for a kidney transplant.

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Saturday 17

In the Dominican Republic, the father of two sponsored children recently killed the father of two other sponsored children. Pray for both families as this goes through the justice system.

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Sunday 18

Pray for pastors, staff and laypeople of our frontline partner churches around the world, that God will bless them as they bring hope and light to sponsored children and their families.

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Monday 19

Pray for Shyamsunder and her family in eastern India, who are grieving the recent loss of her sister.

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Tuesday 20

Pray for the 16 Compassion children and their families near Yapacani, Bolivia, whose homes were damaged and belongings lost in recent floods.

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Wednesday 21

Pray for Ester in Brazil, who was shot in the face in her home when gunfire erupted outside. She is out of danger but needs to remain under hospital care for several weeks.

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Thursday 22

Pray for the staff of Compassion Indonesia as they move to a new office building. Pray for wisdom, strength and safety during the moving process.

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Friday 23

Ask God to stir the hearts of everyone thinking of child sponsorship since Compassion Sunday. Pray that thousands of children receive sponsors within the next month.

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Saturday 24

Pray for God’s comfort for the family, friends and sponsor of 3-year-old Alsene in Rwanda, who recently passed away from pneumonia.

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Sunday 25

Please pray for Jetsada and Krissada in Thailand, who recently lost their father after a car accident. Compassion is helping provide spiritual, emotional and physical care.

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Monday 26

The staff of one of our El Salvador churchbased centers request prayer for a girl, age 9, and a boy, age 5, who were abandoned at the door of the church.

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Tuesday 27

Pray for a 17-year-old sponsored girl in Rwanda, who was raped by her neighbor and is taking medication to help mitigate possible HIV. Pray for God’s emotional and physical healing.

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Wednesday 28

Pray for Emmanuel in the Philippines, who is paralyzed with a spinal cord injury. Compassion is helping arrange surgery; pray for a successful operation.

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Thursday 29

Pray for God’s healing for 5-year-old Lucía in Nicaragua, who has a recurring brain tumor. She has undergone seven surgeries and the doctors have now given up hope.

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Friday 30

Pray that passport problems will be resolved for Isabelle in Togo, whose heart malformation requires surgery outside the country.

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Saturday 31

A Compassion program in Ghana requests prayer for God to move in some parents whose “strange beliefs and superstitions put their children’s lives in danger.”

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