April 2014 Prayer Calendar

Participation in the Prayer Partner Network is an essential part of Compassion's ministry for children and families in poverty.

April 2014 Prayer Calendar

Children can be so loving and caring — except when they’re not. If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a parent, it’s that children don’t automatically know what is “pure and right.” A child will learn to hurt just as quickly as he will learn to help. And it is our responsibility, our privilege even, to demonstrate for our children those actions that show love.

Especially among children in severe poverty, the temptation can be to become hard — to form a shell of protection. And that’s why I love that Compassion helps children fight social and emotional poverty as much as we fight physical poverty. At our child development centers, children see Christ’s love in very real, very tangible ways. The adults around them are living models of pure and right — and the children we serve learn from that.

This month, will you pray that those life lessons become real in the hearts of the children we serve? Pray that those hard shells soften, and that hearts full of light and kindness break forth and glorify God.

Thank you again for your prayer support. The faithful prayers of friends like you are indeed making a positive difference!

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Mark Hanlon
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Praises and Updates!

Praise God with us that in the first seven months of Compassion’s fiscal year, 52,389 children received new sponsors from the U.S. alone!

Thank God for the incredible labor of love by thousands of staff at our frontline child development centers around the world — not only as they nurture children each day but also as they go “beyond the call” to help children and their families in emergency or disaster situations. These are the true heroes of Compassion’s ministry!

Praise God that no injuries have been reported among Compassion children in the devastating slum fire in Dhaka, Bangladesh. All were safely attending the Senpara Child Development Center at the time of the fire.

Pierre in Togo suffered from heart failure that caused him to feel extremely weak and sick. After receiving medications and treatment, his last checkup revealed that he has totally recovered!

Praise God for successful surgery to remove an enlarged kidney from Ganesh in India. He is now out of danger and recovering quickly!

Praise God that Aisha and Afredi in Bangladesh are completely healed from typhoid fever!

Praise God that training is completed and Compassion’s Child Survival Program is ready to be implemented in Guatemala!

All children mentioned have sponsors and their monetary needs are supplied.

Verse of the Month

"Even a child is known by his actions, by whether his conduct is pure and right."
— Proverbs 20:11, NIV

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Tuesday 1

Pray for 39 Compassion children and their families in Dhaka, Bangladesh, who lost homes and personal belongings in a devastating slum fire. Compassion is providing emergency care for these families.

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Wednesday 2

Pray for 11-year-old Maria, her mother and three siblings in Peru as they mourn the recent murder of their father. Compassion staff are providing care and spiritual support to the family.

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Thursday 3

Pray for our beneficiaries in the Lwengo district of central Uganda who are suffering through a severe drought. Pray for protection, provision and rain.

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Friday 4

Please continue to pray for the Lord’s protection and care of our beneficiaries in the Philippines, especially those recently impacted by tropical depression Lingling in Mindanao.

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Saturday 5

Pray for God to comfort Víctor and his brother in Mexico as they mourn the recent death of their mother at age 34.

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Sunday 6

Pray for God’s protection and provision for the hundreds of beneficiaries and staff from nine Compassion programs in Indonesia who were affected by recent flooding.

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Monday 7

Pray for Compassion-assisted child p’Suk in Thailand, who needs healing from severe kidney problems.

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Tuesday 8

Pray for emotional healing for a 13-yearold girl in the Dominican Republic, who attempted to take her own life. Pray for Compassion staff who are working with her.

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Wednesday 9

Pray for God’s comfort for the family, friends and sponsor of 11-year-old Augustin in Rwanda, who died recently after ingesting a contaminated drink.

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Thursday 10

Compassion child Pavithra, in India, requests prayer for her mother who is battling tuberculosis.

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Friday 11

Pray for 10-year-old Madelyn in Guatemala, who was recently diagnosed with cancer. She is receiving chemotherapy and is not able to attend school.

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Saturday 12

prayer for their caregivers, mostly single mothers struggling to provide for their kids. Ask God’s provision and protection for single moms in Compassion programs around the world.

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Sunday 13

Pray for the Lord’s protection of our beneficiaries in Assam, eastern India, where violent confrontations between police and an extremist group have disrupted several of our child development centers.

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Monday 14

The mother of two Compassion children in Nicaragua has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. Doctors believe she has only a small chance to survive. Pray for God’s miraculous touch!

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Tuesday 15

Pray for Christian churches facing persecution from terrorist groups in northeastern Kenya. Compassion is monitoring the situation closely and taking protective measures.

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Wednesday 16

Severe kidney problems are being treated among at least 12 Compassion children in Bangladesh. Please pray for their healing and return to health.

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Thursday 17

Please continue to pray for areas affected by severe drought in the northeastern region of Brazil.

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Friday 18

Friday 18 Pray for two of our young ladies in Togo who need emotional and psychological healing from past sexual abuse. One also has epilepsy. Pray for Compassion staff as they facilitate care for these young women.

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Saturday 19

Pray for the 32 children and their families in Yapacani, Bolivia whose homes were flooded and belongings lost to recent floods. Compassion is helping with emergency provisions.

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Sunday 20

Pray for the Lord to strengthen and comfort Calmine in Haiti, who is having difficulty getting along with her father, a voodoo wizard, after she gave her heart to Jesus Christ.

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Monday 21

Catherine in Uganda was born with HIV/AIDS and asks for our prayers that God would spare her life and help her overcome her disease.

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Tuesday 22

Pray for Ailin on Borneo Island in eastern Indonesia, who is undergoing treatment for leukemia.

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Wednesday 23

Pray for Pastor Marcelino and his family in the Dominican Republic, who are grieving the loss of their oldest son to kidney disease.

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Thursday 24

Pray for God’s peace and comfort for Azhagarsamy and his family in India as they mourn the passing of his father.

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Friday 25

World Malaria Day: Pray for the millions of children globally who live under the constant threat of contracting malaria. Pray also for Compassion’s ongoing effort to combat this deadly disease.

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Saturday 26

Pray for the father of Marleny in Mexico, who is in serious condition following a car accident. Doctors say he may not walk again.

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Sunday 27

Pray for God to heal and strengthen Arodie in Rwanda, who is under treatment for acute juvenile arthritis.

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Monday 28

Pray for comfort and peace for Kashmira and Belender in different parts of eastern India, who both were recently orphaned. Their Compassion centers are providing living essentials and lining up quality foster care.

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Tuesday 29

Pray for Compassion Sunday coming to churches across the U.S. on May 4. Trust God with us for thousands of new sponsors to say “I’m here for you!” by sponsoring children in need around the world.

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Wednesday 30

Pray for Parsitau in Kenya, who sustained severe burns to his body. Pray for strength and comfort during his painful treatment and recovery.

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