From the Country to the World

From the Country to the World

Folks who love your music have big hearts.

Now you can help them reach out to children around the world in a meaningful way — one to one. Partner with Compassion International and discover what it means to release kids from poverty and help them find hope.


  • For 56 years Compassion International has helped millions of desperately poor children around the globe primarily through one-to-one child sponsorship.
  • Compassion currently is involved with more than 1 million children in 25 countries in Africa, Asia, South America, and Central America and the Caribbean region.
  • How does it work? Through partnerships with more than 4,800 local churches who understand the spiritual, economic, social and physical needs in the world's poorest areas.
  • Financial integrity is a cornerstone of Compassion's foundation. The organization has regularly earned an "A" rating from the American Institute of Philanthropy and placed in the Top 50 for fiscal responsibility by The Non-Profit Times.


  • Over the past 30 years, Compassion has been an industry leader in partnering with artists (primarily in the Christian music field) bringing hundreds of thousands of children into the lives of caring sponsors.
  • This has been accomplished through radio endorsements, magazine ads, Internet videos and blogs, interviews, CD inserts, presentations at concerts, press releases and more.
  • More than 350 radio stations in the United States joined us to creatively present the needs of poor children through tie-ins with musicians, speakers, authors and stories from individual sponsors. This includes KKGO/Los Angeles, the most-listened to country station in the world.


  • Surveys of Compassion donors and those of similar organizations have revealed a high percentage of country music listeners. Our mission resonates with this demographic.
  • Country music and radio surveys show many listeners come from a church background and have hearts for helping the poor. This desire reflects Compassion's core vision.
  • Over the years many country artists and radio stations have approached Compassion about partnering, with interest reaching new levels of enthusiasm in the past year.


  • Two-day radio marathon events feature recorded testimonials, interviews, in-studio performances, story songs, call-ins and other radio opportunities, including PSAs, video clips on station Web sites, commercials and more.
  • Overseas vision trips allow artists and radio personnel to see and experience Compassion's work firsthand. Compassion covers all costs.
  • Artist/Compassion customized Web pages provide video of the artist sharing Compassion, photos from overseas trips, correspondence with a sponsored child, updates on Compassion news, etc.
  • CD inserts or links to artist/Compassion Web pages are offered with every downloaded song.
  • Fan sites and social networking sites engage individuals in the process.
  • A spokesperson is provided to various media via phone, Internet, TV, YouTube and press interviews.
  • Assistance with concert presentations via video projection and/or personal sharing, along with Compassion booths and volunteers, help concertgoers learn how they can get involved.


  • Child Sponsorship Program: Individual one-to-one child sponsorships require only $38 per month. More than 80,000 children remain on the waiting list.
  • Child Survival Program: Prenatal and infancy assistance and education help poor mothers in the crucial first three years of a child's life.
  • AIDS Initiative: Supplies education, medicines and vaccines to help battle the spread of HIV/AIDS in high-risk areas.
  • Malaria Intervention: Insecticide-treated bed nets and vaccines are given to children in tropical regions.
  • Global Food Crisis Fund: One-time gifts assist in feeding and nutritional training in areas deeply affected by drought and food shortages.
  • Leadership Development Program: Sends the brightest and best high school grads on full scholarship to universities in their nations. They then give back to their communities with their leadership skills and training.
  • Unsponsored Children's Fund: Covers costs of registered children still awaiting sponsors.