Sponsored Children Inspire Ginny Owens

Sponsored Children Inspire Ginny Owens

By: Brandy Campbell   |   Posted: May 18, 2006

Christian Artist Witnesses Compassion's Work in Ecuador
Ginny Owens hugs Maria Tocagon, her sponsored child, while visiting the teenager's home in Iberra, Ecuador.

Ginny Owens will never see the faces of her sponsored children. She'll never know whether they draw stick figures for people or use triangles for houses in the art they create. She'll never see the loop of their "l"s or dots of their "i"s in the letters they write. But nothing, not even something as finite as blindness, can break the bond Ginny has with the six children she sponsors through Compassion International.

Blind since the age of 2, Ginny has learned to overcome obstacles most people will never face. This Christian artist does so with grace and passion. It's a passion that spills over into every area of her life, including her ministry with Compassion.

"It was the least I could do."

"I have known about Compassion for years," says Ginny. "One evening after a show, I began reading through all the information on Compassion's web site. I began reading through the many bios of kids from around the world, and before the evening was through, I had sponsored four children. There were so many children in need - I thought that sponsoring four of them was the least that I could do."

And when Ginny learned she would have the opportunity to travel to Ecuador to experience Compassion's work, she was overjoyed. Oh, and she promptly sponsored two older children from this destitute country.

"If I am going to be passionate about something - anything at all - I believe that I must know and understand every aspect of it in order to share it with others," says Ginny. After talking about Compassion from the stage and encouraging fans to sponsor a child, Ginny felt a need to tour Compassion's program in Ecuador.

"I Saw Big Faith in a Small Person"

While in Ecuador, Ginny met the two girls she sponsors there. She says the experience helped her to understand in a much deeper way the world her girls live in and the impact Compassion is having on their lives.

"I'll never forget how gentle Mariana was with me, and how she had such a mothering spirit." Ginny says. "She wanted to help lead me everywhere - up the steep hill to her house, up to the little stage at the project to sing, and all around the village.

"Sometimes, when we were walking up or down the stairs, she'd put her arm under my shoulders as if her tiny body could lift me up or down the steps. It made me chuckle, and it also made me marvel at the maturity of a young girl who was willing to bare the weight of someone else - someone she barely knew."

Ginny says becoming a Compassion sponsor has changed her life. Now, six children who live thousands of miles away are relying on her to be a living example of Christ. Not only is this responsibility an honor, but it's also incredibly humbling. "Meeting my girls in Ecuador was humbling in a great way," she says. "I saw big faith in a small person. I saw fearlessness in a child who I thought would be afraid. I saw peace in a heart where apathy and doubt could have reigned. To have so little, they truly seemed to have so much Fixedmore than I."

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