Poor Children in India Have a New Future

Poor Children in India Have a New Future

By: Brandy Campbell   |   Posted: November 02, 2007

Compassion's Unsponsored Children's Fund rescues poor children from abandonment
Hira knows the love of Christ because of the Unsponsored Children's Fund.

The streets of Suraj Park are thick with people. Children dart among rickshaws mired in mud. Incense floats up from wooden booths where men sell Hindu idols. Prostitutes and drug dealers jockey for positions on busy corners. It's easy to get lost in the dangerous streets of Suraj Park. But getting lost isn't the worst thing that can happen to a child there. Abandonment and exploitation leave much deeper scars.

Poor children are often abandoned, not because of heartless parents, but because families believe they have run out of options. Five-year-old Hira could have easily joined the millions of "lost" children in India, and around the world because Hira's mother, widowed when Hira was an infant, is single, illiterate and unemployable.

Few would have blamed her for abandoning her child, or sending Hira to join the other poor children begging in the streets. Many likely encouraged the young mother to make that choice. After all, what kind of future did Hira have?

As it turns out, Hira's future is full of promise, thanks to the support of the Unsponsored Children's Fund and the PhoolwariChild Development Center(IN-229).

The Unsponsored Children's Fund allows poor children like Hira to receive all of the benefits of Compassion sponsorship while she and hundreds of other children wait for a sponsor. No longer does Hira's mother worry about her daughter's most basic needs. She knows Hira will receive nutritious food, clothes and medical care from Compassion.

Poor Children Rescued from Poverty

Hira is already enrolled in preschool where she is learning her shapes and numbers. She will grow up educated in a community where only 2 percent of children graduate from high school.

Soon Hira will be paired with a sponsor who will encourage and support Hira in her dreams and growth. But until then, the Unsponsored Children's Fund will help take care of her. And Hira's mother will never have to wonder if abandoning her child would have been the best decision.

Unlike millions of poor children, Hira will grow up knowing the support of a local church and the love of Christians who take seriously Christ's command to rescue the poor.

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