Language Lesson: Portugese

Practice your Portugese

Language Lesson: Portugese

  |   Posted: December 05, 2002

Practice Your Portuguese

The Portuguese language of Brazil has a different pronunciation and vocabulary than the classical language spoken in Portugal. Brazilian Portuguese is softer and more lyrical. Many words and names are adopted from Indian dialects and other languages. Within Brazil, accents, dialects and slang (giria) vary regionally. Portuguese is similar to Spanish and you will do quite well if you speak Spanish in Brazil.

Brazilians accompany their oral communication with a rich body language, a sort of parallel dialogue. The thumbs up of tudo bem is used as greeting, okay and thank you.

good morning = bom dia
good afternoon = boa tarde
good evening = boa noite
goodbye = até logo or ciao
A pleasure (meeting you) = Muito prazer
How are you? = Como vai? or Tudo bem?
Thank you = obrigado (males)obrigada (females)
please or thank you = por favor
yes = sim
no = não
good = tudo bem
excuse me = com licenca
pardon me = desculpe
sorry = perdão
I don't speak Portuguese. = Não falo português
Do you speak English? = Você fala ingles?
Speak more slowly. = Fale mais davagar.
The bill, please. = A conta, por favor.
How much? = Quanto?
Where? = Onde?
When? = Quando?
What? = Que?
Why? = Porque?
I want to buy... = Eu quero comprar...
What time is it? = Que horas sâo
More = mais
less = menos
yesterday = ontem
today = hoje
tomorrow = amanhã
morning = a manhã
afternoon = a tarde
left = esquerda
right = direita
1 = um, uma
2 = ois, duas
3 = três
4 = quatro
5 = cinco
6 = seis
7 = sete
8 = oito
9 = nove
10 = dez

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