Kenya Famine

Kenya Famine
Compassion children in Kenya enjoy nutritious food in the midst of a severe famine. Those who support Partners of Compassion made this possible.

After three consecutive years of drought, Kenyan families found themselves facing malnutrition and starvation. Many families had been going for two or three days without food, explains Margaret Nzilani, a Compassion center director in Kenya.

In many parts of the country, families were eating wild fruits and leaves to survive. In early 2009, the famine was declared a national disaster by the president of Kenya.
Compassion responded quickly.

Through Partners of Compassion, the ministry provided food for 12,200 Compassion children and their siblings, reaching about 9,000 families.

As Compassion distributed food, children also began to see how much God cares.

With the provision of food and the fact that feeding happens at the church & the children have been taking time to appreciate God for the provision, Nzilani says. This has renewed hope.

Many children were also able to attend school again as they began to feel stronger.

Salome Mutheu Mwangangi, a boy who received food through his Compassion center, is so thankful for those who made it possible.

Before the feeding program I and my brothers would go for three days without a meal, he says. The whole day would be spent thinking (about) and wishing we had enough food. At times we only took water and slept. There are times I missed school & because I could not walk the distance due to hunger.

Since the feeding program, I have not missed school, he says. I feel I have the strength and am working hard at school. I can play with other children. My brothers, too, have benefited, and we no longer go to sleep too early on empty stomachs.