Growing Up in a Broken Home

Growing Up in a Broken Home

By: Adones Martinez, Dominican Republic Field Communication Specialist   |   Posted: November 16, 2010

Yuleisy grew up in a dysfunctional home, but that has not wilted the plans the Lord has for her.
Despite the limitations of poverty, Yuleisy is on the path to pursue a career in medicine because of Compassion's Complementary Interventions program.

As a child growing up in Santo Domingo, Yuleisy was barely 2 years old when her father left her mother. Yuleisy and her mother went to live with her grandmother and grandfather.

Yuleisy's grandmother wanted a life of opportunity for her granddaughter. When Yuleisy turned 4, her grandmother discovered a local a Compassion-assisted child development center. Soon after, the little girl was registered.

Yuleisy began learning about Jesus and His love for her. She was being fed, and eventually was enrolled in the primary school run by the local church.

An Absent Father

Life with her parents was still chaotic. "My father went away and then he would come back to live together with my mother for around one year or two, and then they would split again," Yuleisy recalls.

When Yuleisy was 7, her family learned that her father had five other daughters, some older than Yuleisy and some younger, with another woman whom he was married to.

"That's a really frustrating story," Yuleisy says. "I grew up believing that I was my parents' only child."

Despite the sorrow and neglect she felt at home, she continued to flourish at the center. She began learning English as a foreign language at the center, and she continued to succeed in school, too.

Intervention for a Better Life

When Yuleisy was 14, the center paid for higher-level English instruction at the renowned institute of APEC in Santo Domingo. Her rapid improvement in English prompted her Compassion center to pay the entire cost of her advanced English course at the institute.

"The cost for these classes is RD$3,150 (U.S.$88) every three months," Yuleisy says. "My mother is paying for my transportation fees and the cost of books."

The program provided Yuleisy with computer courses on Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the Internet. She often visits the child development center office to help out using the skills she has learned.

"I Am Calling You"

Yuleisy never thought she would become a Christian. "Me a Christian? Of course not! That's not for me," she thought. "Perhaps after I am 40 years old."

But at a church meeting with youths, she heard a voice saying to her: "Yuleisy, come. I am calling you! I want you here in this way." It was then, at age 14, that she surrendered her life to Jesus.

Her life has been strengthened by her fellowship in the Bethel Assembly of God Church as well as by meetings organized for the adolescents and youths in her center on topics such as sexual and reproductive health, which are offered through Compassion's Complementary Interventions.

By the grace of God, her life was not damaged by the type of dysfunctional family she's lived in.

"Sometimes I feel that my strength disappears, and I pray to the Lord and I immediately feel His comfort."

Pointing to the Healing of Jesus

Now she is preparing to study for a career in medicine at the university. She understands that the vocational skills she has will benefit her as a professional.

"As you know, many medicine books are written in English, and if I take my knowledge of English to perfection, I believe I can also advance in that area," she says.

"I feel passion for the career of medicine. I believe that as a doctor I can help the society and see the power of God manifested in a special way. When I see a sick person, and when the doctors say. 'There's no hope for life; the patient has only three month's of life,' perhaps because of cancer or AIDS or any other disease, I can tell them in that moment I know someone who can heal you. As a human being, I can't do it, but He can do it. His name is Christ Jesus!

"I want to study medicine for the glory and honor of God the Father."

*Note: Yuleisy has benefited from different vocational training courses that were brought to the center through Compassion's Complementary Interventions. The computer lab in the center is one such benefit.

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